WARNO – Standard Operating Procedure (Useful Tips)

Standard Operating Procedure

I am all prepared for my match. My plan is clear. Deployment is crisp. The match starts.

Two Minutes Later: I get pushed hard on my left flank. Panic. Chaos. My thinking process grinds to halt. There is so much to deal with. What to bring where in what quantity? Ahhhhh!

Sounds Familiar?

I would like to make an argument for standard operation procedures (SOP).

When looking at replays on how people reacted or should have reacted (in hindsight) there is almost always a clear pattern. Especially early game:

  • If you get pushed hard at one place there are going to be fewer units at all other places.
  • Defending is almost always more cost effective than attacking
  • Once a push has been broken up, the ENY will be light on units on that side.

How can we capitalize on this? Can we use guidelines, predefined actions to calm the situation down?

Proposed SOP when reacting to a push:

  • Immediately start probing (moving a small force forward to find the ENY) on all other fronts. Preferably with RECCE.
  • Use defensive positions (towns, forests, LOS) to fix the enemy (make his advance stop or move slower). Smoke from Arty can serve a similar purpose. Falling back is always an option! And it tends to be better than loosing your units for nothing.
  • Call in reinforcement adapted to the terrain you have to defend.
  • Use fire support (bombers or arty) to hit the fixed ENY.
  • End.

If all went well you should have stopped the ENY push and have a great overview on where the ENY is weak, due to your probing. Call in reinforcements there and exploit the weakness. That forces the ENY to react on that new front. That is the perfect time to counter push the initial ENY push.

  • Best Case: You break through on two fronts.
  • Worst Case: You gain terrain.


Having a predefined plan on how to react to heavy ENY pushes is a good thing.

Bonus Tips

The Spread out command is a thing. Some people seem not to know this, so I am going to link this again.

Drops in unit cohesion does affect accuracy!

If you have read the tooltip about Unit Cohesion ingame, it states that accuracy is affected. This accuracy reduction, however, is not reflected in the stats UI.

After some testing with various weapons with various base accuracy, there is a set percentage loss per level of cohesion loss.

  • High cohesion > Normal cohesion: 25% loss
  • Normal > Mediocre : 45% loss
  • Mediocre > Bad: 70% loss

Eg: Base 40% accuracy of a weapon (High cohesion), a 25% loss would be : 40% accuracy – 25% loss = 30% accuracy left at Normal cohesion.

Normal cohesion to Mediocre would be 40% base accuracy – 45% loss = 22% accuracy left at Mediocre cohesion.

Mediocre to Bad would be 40% base accuracy – 70% loss = 12% accuracy left at Bad cohesion.

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