The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – How to Get Max Possible Stats (Chapter 3: Youth)

In this guide I’d like to tell you how you can get a ten or more on most of your stats by the time you reach chapter 3 “Youth”. Spoiler alert!

Note: If you are following a certain Pass or trying to reach an achievment, you may ignore some moments and do as you please. This is just a description of how you can get Max stats.

Guide to Get Max Stats

All credit goes to LordMTK!


This guide is a joint work of me, the person who did his best to write this guide as clear as possible, and my friend, the person who nailed getting her stats to the best way possible and agreed to share her knowledge with me and use them to make this guide.

First rule: make sure you know what your overall goals are! Because some of my advices may not help you in your quest to achieve these goals.


Once the game starts you decide who is to blame for the life your protagonist lived. Choose for yourself, and move on.

Congratulations, you are born

Once you are presented with your first choice, that actually matters in your story, go for the smile at shadow and get more willpower. You get 10, and you can make 3 major choices which can help you radically up your adolescent stats.

Hide and Seek

Simple. Just sit, wait and play with bugs. Mom will pick you up (+ 1 Perception).

Twins celebration

Your family prepares for celebration and decided to let Gloria take care of you. You locked up in a dark room and you get your first lore info about the world of Sir Brante. Sing the last line wrong, cause f**k the injustice (+ 1 determination).

The lot of suffering

Now it’s time to get punished, cause you are a lowborn boy. Before it begins demand for an explanation, so you can get to know the world a little better and how the justice system works.

Note: You can spend some Willpower to accept the punishment if you care for relationships. Your Mother will be “Grateful”, which will be useful at the end of adolescence.

Gloria’s hobby

As Lowbornes are not allowed to be creative her first poetry is burned in a fire place. Spend some willpower to comfort her and make Gloria feel “Grateful”. This is important for the end of adolescence and getting determination at one point.

You are now The elder brother

Once you have to choose what to do go for any option you want. If you want the stats pick the first two (+ 1 determination or +1 perception), if you care too much for willpower spend some to save your brother and Nathan will be “Grateful”. If you care for unity hug your mother, note you must have her grateful stat 4 that. I personally decided to snatch the brother and saved him.

Toy soldiers

If you didn’t spend your willpower on Gloria or Lydia you can spend some here and your Father will be “grateful”, although I recommend telling the truth, as it will help you get the stats (+ 1 determination). You can go the father route if you angered your mother more than Nathan in the last story.

The grandpa is here

There is only one solution. Kick the f****r and get your stats up (+ 1 perception + 1 determination). That’s the first death but you have 2 more, so you can risk your life safely.

The arranged meeting

Take your mother and GTFO (+ 1 perception).

The insight

Congrats we got 4 perception. Here I go for playing alone, cause stats (+ 1 perception).


Unless you did not comfort Gloria when her poems got burnt, study to get detemination (+ 1 determination) and as a result you get determination event. If you did help her, play with kaleidoscope and get more willpower.

Sweet temptation

If the gloria is grateful. Mock your grandpa and get determination (+ 1 determination), if not lie and restore willpower.

Training in secret

Since we are going for the stats I’d say choose training (+ 1 determination).

The Christening

Here is the only correct solution. Raise. Your. Head. Any other desicion takes away your stat, and we can’t allow that. You get your willpower restored a little and voila. Childhood finished.


First friend

Here you go as you like. Take your pick according to your ultimate goals. Priest/Lotless/Noble.

Blind and arrogant riders

Procced as you please. Save the girl for stats (+ 1 Nobility/Ingenuity/Spirituality) Don’t save if you want to get useful connections for a nobleman. Can be useful in a Nobleman arc.

Stephan’s return

You can insult your brother and get an extra ingenuity point (+ 1 Ingenuity). If you already have 2 ingenuity go make small talk (+ 1 nobility).

Octavia’s handkerchief

Do anything but return the handkerchief. Keep it or Sell it (+ 1 with Thomas/+10 willpower).

Night before test

In this case leave Nathan alone and restore the balance between stats. Or improve sth if you know you’ll need it for your ultimate goals.

Little bullies

Choose anything for your upgrade, be my guest. If reputation is vital for your achievment/goal go ahead, but make sure you saved the handkerchief. You don’t need high relationship with thomas.

The tree

Choose anything that will up your spirituality (+ 1 Spirituality), unless it’s not going against your master plan.

The story of Lydia

Accept or distance doesn’t matter here.

Saving Gloria

If you didn’t insult Stephan you can join the fight (+ 1 Nobility) or get the guards (+ 1 Ingenuity). Anything which will trigger the Sibling event.

Sibling Events


At this point if you upped your ingenuity you get the poets event. Here you can choose anything. I’d recommend choosing the option that will balance other stats (+ 1 Nobility/Spirituality).


Here I’d do the same as I did with Gloria (+ 1 Nobility/Ingenuity).


Same as early (+ 1 Spirituality/Ingenuity).

Adolescence Part 2

Court speech

Either go for stats (+ 1 Ingenuity/ + 1 Spirituality/Nobility) or for reputation if it’s your goal

Grandpa burns the house

Either stop him or let him burn the house. Up to you.

Blood tide

If you have 6 Nobility and you need it, or you need good relations with your alive noble relatives go for it. If not get more willpower by refusing to take part.

Runaway girl

Either hide to save your energy, or if you did let her die give her up and get accquainted with a nobleman (Useful for a nobleman arc).

Last Night

Visit anyone you want to up your stats.

There you go. If you did not die you get these stats or sth close to it:

For comparison I did sth similar and died every time I could:

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  1. Thanks for this. I managed to get peaceful victory ending via the Path of the Priest after many, many retries. Too bad Stephan is still a d*ck tho.

  2. “Kissing the sword” is truly a bad option. You can still gain Blood tide if you have Nobility 6+. And Blood tide is only useful if you’re going to be a noble, so you probably will have Nobility 6+.

  3. You can get 7 DET and 5 PER, or a redistribution of those stats, in Childhood (and still retain +5 Willpower). You can also get considerably more stats in Adolescence.

      • Trying a different way, managed to get 5 DET and 5 PER, with +5 WP and also have Gloria Grateful, also with no deaths. Good setup for a Lotless attempt.

  4. Yeah, you’re right it’s too risky. One death is good balance cause you get stats and still have 2 spare lives left. Two deaths might be ok if you know the game well enough to plan where you’re going to use your only spare life. But in that case you probably don’t need guides anyway.

  5. Great guide! I find I a bit risky to have just one life left but the guide and experience you shared are great!

  6. Really useful guide! Couldn’t figure a way to trigger the sibling events without dying a second time and was trying to save my deaths but oh well.

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