The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – Free Man Achievement Guide

This guide will help you to get ‘Free Man’ achievement. At the end of chapter 4 you will have high prestige, high unity, high willpower; and of course, be free from the Empire’s spymaster.

How to Obtain Free Man Achievement

Our Story – Step by Step

Chapter I

  • BIRTH: Smile at the shadow
  • HIDE AND SEEK: Sit there and wait
  • THE GREAT DESCENT: Finish the song properly
  • THE LOT OF SUFFERING: Deny your guilt
  • GLORIA’S RHYMES: Leave the room
  • THE NEWBORN’S CRY: Redirect her anger to yourself
  • TOY SOLDIERS: Tell him the truth
  • THE INTRUSION: Strike grandfather
  • FATHER’S SWORD: Ask father to teach you the basics
  • AN ILLUTRIOUS GUEST: Greet the Baroness politely
  • THE KALEIDOSCOPE: Take the kaleidoscope apart
  • THE ANT FARM: Keep playing with mother
  • SWEET TEMPTATION: Tell the truth
  • THE SACRAMENT: Raise your head

Chapter II

  • THE BOY DOWN THE STREET: Come at Tommas and give him a beating
  • RIDERS ON THE ROAD: Shield Sophia from the horses
  • STEPHAN’S ARRIVAL: Join Gloria in her plight
  • A DROPPED HANDKERCHIEF: Keep the handkerchief as a memento
  • A STROM OF EXPECTATIONS: Study theology
  • SONS OF THE NOBILITY: Turn him over to the teachers
  • THE SILVER TREE: Stay with the red-haired pilgrim
  • THE SHADOW OF THE PAST: Accept Gloria as your sister
  • THE NOBLEMAN’S LOT: Follow your brother’s orders
  • TRIAL OF THE ASSAILANTS: Convince father to change his mind
  • AN ADULT QUESTION: Confirm Nathan’s fears
  • FORBIDDEN LOVE: Aid Stephan in his cause
  • THE POETS: Keep Gloria’s secret
  • AGONY: Run away to rescue Nathan and Gloria
  • LAST RESPECTS: Give the dagger back
  • THE FUGITIVE GIRL: Try to stop Otton
  • THE LAST NIGHT: Spend the time with Gloria

Chapter III

  • ARRIVAL IN THE CAPITAL: Listen to Arkwright’s speech
  • LUKE’S SERMON: Debate him
  • THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS: Go to the secret salon
  • THE THREE LOTS: Follow the Lotless
  • BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP: Keep things as they are
  • THE LOTLESS: Condemn the nobles
  • BEFORE THE MARCH: Mobilize the commoners
  • MARCH OF THE COLLARS: Free the captive mages on your own
  • THE TRAP SPRINGS: Create a distraction
  • RECRUITMENT: Betray the remaining Lotless

Chapter IV

  • HOMECOMING: Chat with Nathan
  • FIRST STEPS: Commit to the printing business
  • A RECEPTION AT THE BRANTE RESIDENCE: Purchase a family portrait
  • A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE: Appeal to Nathan
  • THE LAST STRAW: Agree with Felipe
  • HEARTS ON FIRE: Report the poets to father
  • A GIFT FOR THE FAMİLY: Sell the jewels
  • CONCERNED CITIZEN: Keep the conversation a secret
  • AN OLD FRIEND: Walk away
  • THE GUNPOWDER PLOT: Reject the idea of gunpowder outright
  • THE CALL OF THE ANCESTORS: Side with father
  • THE ERRORS OF YOUTH: Explain yourself to him
  • A CHAT WITH THE MAGISTRATE: Agree to the deal
  • BROTHERS IN MISERY: Blackmail the judge
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Tell your father about the encounter
  • HAND OF THE LAW: Lie low
  • BLAST WAVE: Alert El Verman
  • RAID: Bribe the captain
  • AN INVITATION TO DINNER: Invite Sophia to the dinner
  • GETTING EVEN: Refuse and have Sophia shadowed
  • THE HARD GOODBYE: Confess your love for her
  • THE LEGION IN THE CITY: Incite the common people to riot against them
  • USUAL SUSPECTS: Deny your guilt
  • THE HUNT FOR TOMMAS: Don’t get involved
  • AN URGENT DEAL: Contact the inquisition
  • THE REBEL: Persuade Gloria to accept her fate
  • A DANGEROUS HAUL: Inform El Verman about this
  • DEATHBED: Share your strength with mother
  • THE GILDED CAGE: Maintain family ties with Gloria
  • REPENTANCE: Call mother
  • A FAMILY MATTER: Become members of the Overseer’s entourage
  • A NOBLE BLOODLINE: Accompany Stephan as he steps forward
  • A SLEEPLESS NIGHT: Go into hiding
  • MASKS OFF: Ask your family for help
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