League of Maidens – Fishing System Guide

Have you ever been to Santonia? It’s extremely pretty and I’ve been there let me tell you about my fun in Santonia and what it has to offer to you! This guide will cover Fishing system in the game.

Guide to Fishing System

Santonia Islands!

Welcome to Santonia Islands!

For this guide we have a new look to fit the tropical island! Santonia is mainly for after ep5 as you’ll be getting exchange shops, fishing, emotes, and ascension gear! a lot of the stuff here on Santonia will cost Shards rather then gold so many sure your pockets are full of shards as a lot the stuff here will eat your shards dry.

The Type of NPCs on Santonia!

When first entering Santonia you’ll see who are in hooded robes many of them will have different interactions. You have a cube exchange shop on the left and on the right you have a brass > silver > gold bar exchange shops which is used for gauntlet gear. There is a few Hooded robed peopel that will have a repeatable daily that give you brass for fish in return as well!

Ascension Gear

When arriving in Santonia in the middle you can enter a building where there is a npc located in the center in the back of the building who will charge you a hefty amount for ascension gear which is a high level end game gear.

Modeling NPC

You can find her at south santonia island she will over various emotes like modeling and sit emotes for shards in return!

Dance NPC

Love dancing? well North Santonia Island the dance instructor can be found there and she offer dance emotes for shards in return!

Skill Color NPC

Have you hit prestige yet maiden but you don’t have the gems to color your skills? Well there a npc on the left building in Santonia that will sell you stones to change the color of your skills. If you have the shards for it.

Pirate Quest

Between Santonia and the North Santonia there is a ship in the water that you can goto who will offer you a quest in return she gives you green gems.

Fishing Guide!

101 Fishing

Are you interested in making passive income well fishing might be for you then! You can net around 30k Roughly an hour at Tier one. In order to get started with fishing you’ll need to get some bait, fishing license and a fishing rod which can all bought at the general store. Once you have those you can get started at pier in freedom city!

Moving up from Tier 1 Fishing

Are you tired of fishing pier in freedom and tired of getting small fishes a lot? To upgrade your fishing you’ll want to goto Santonia Island. The small island between North Santonia and Santonia will have a hooded man who idles on that island offering to upgrade your fishing rod when you get a certain fish you’ll need to have 10k shard for each quest he offer as part of upgrading to a better fishing rod. This will increase your fish quality that you bring it which will increase the value of how much gold you get per hour. Santonia Island offer a bunch of nice fishing nodes as well!

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