Dorfromantik – Helpful Tips

Tips for Players

1) First of all, do Prefect tiles.

You got +60 additional point for already dropped tile if you surround it with proper sides (grass to grass, rails to rails etc…).

More importantly, you grab 1 additional tile to your deck for each Perfect bonus you gain. I realized it at the very end of my game session.

2) Do quests.

  • “#+” are the easiest. Just expand your object group.
  • “#” are harder. You need to drop tile to do object group exactly the pointed size.
  • “# with a little triangle” are the hardest in my opinion in several circumstances. After completing object group size task you need to “close” that group. Other words you need to cut off any “open” sides of the group thus you cannot expand it further.

Each completed quest grants you +100 point and 5 additional cards to your deck. In late game hard quest with big digits can be knowingly failed if you see you will not able to finish them. Soon you will pull new one.

3) Try to separate “zones”

Separate rails and rivers as far from each other as you can. It is extremely hard to combine them.

Try to expand other objects groups in different directions (forests to north, wheat to south etc…). It will help to perfectize tiles with less mix of objects.

Try to expand rivers and rails out of “main land”. As long as these tiles are pretty rare it is good to have open spaces for them to grow.

4) Pray to China’s God of RNG as this game produces very random tiles

Be patient not to close holes in your main land with 20-30 points, wait for at least 40, as this will most likely grants you with perfect tiles around which (as mentioned above) will grants you new cards. 

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