Subverse – Official FAQ

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How many chapters are we getting once the game is complete?

We originally planned on Subverse having 10 chapters total, and the original chapters were much shorter than the newer expanded ones. Currently there are TWENTY-TWO chapters in main script of the game. That doesn’t even include the devotion quests, which are almost like a second full questline per character.

How much content will be in each chapter?

The initial release will include the first three waifus, DEMI, Lily and Killi. This content includes the obligatory tutorial introduction levels and recruitment missions which add up to six chapters total. We’re still doing internal testing, but we’ll detail the total expected gameplay length expected at launch in early Q1.

However, when you take into account the average length of each chapter plus the fact that you get additional level 2-3 difficulty planet scenarios with each release, Subverse is going to be pretty damn big. This is why we confirmed there will definitely be more than 30 hours of content in our last announcement.

Not only that, we’ve also significantly increased the amount of Pandora animations that will be available with each release beyond what we initially expected. Expect a preview video and more details coming soon. Keep your joysticks polished and ready, everyone…there’s plenty of action coming!

Will a waifu launch with all of her Pandora content or will this be updated over time?

We always intended to make more pieces of the total Pandora content available the further you progress through the game. However, since we increased the total amount of sex scenes you’re still going to have access to more content per waifu within the first few releases that you were originally going to have in the entire game.

Will content be added to previous chapters when a new one comes out?

Content will not be altered in previously released chapters as new ones are produced. While the game will have general improvements like bug fixes, you won’t need to worry about missing out on cutscenes/plot, missions, etc. if you play them as they are launched. You will be getting content that is totally complete.

Are the chapters save-game compatible? What will happen when you finish a chapter?

Of course! You won’t have to start your progress over every single time a new addition is made to Subverse. One of the reasons we were most comfortable with this release strategy is that Subverse is constructed like a traditional RPG where you have places to go even when you’re not pursuing the story. If you finish a waifu’s main content there will still be dozens of planet scenarios including several side quests you can complete in each section of the game.

How will this release strategy effect waifu screen time?

It won’t. The script was written in a way so that if a waifu is recruited later in the game, she generally still receives around the same amount of total screen time as those that came before her. Another big advantage of doing a chapter-based release is we know exactly what order the waifus will be recruited in and can plan accordingly to still include her in the story after her initial content is finished.

Other than inclusion in the main story missions, you can unlock new dialogue options for your waifus and talk to them aboard the Mary Celeste about every major event of the plot as it unfolds. The “on-board” script for the game is substantial, so those of you that love to get to know characters and dive even further into a game’s lore will really enjoy this content.

What is the estimated development time between releases?

It’s difficult to give an exact timeline because some of the releases are slightly larger than others or require the introduction of new areas/game mechanics in addition to their regular content. Our plan is to set a reasonable pace with our first update and increase it as we start to hire additional programmers and animators.

How many systems are there per nebulae, and how many planets are explorable in each one?

Here’s a rough breakdown – there are five nebulae in Subverse (six if you count Dragon being split into north/south). Throughout those nebulae, there are over 500 planets. About 2/3rds of these have some kind of level one planet encounter, main or side quest. Beyond that, each system has typically has several level two encounters and most will have at least one level three as well.

Does a chapter-based release influence development in a good or bad way?

From a development standpoint it is 100% positive. Rather than having to focus on completing an entire game at once and worrying about so many different objectives, we can follow a very clear chronological path to completion.