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Portal Reloaded - How to Enable Developer Console

Written by Pyrolax   /   Apr 19, 2021    

Enable the developer console in the game due to the creators automatically disabling it.

Enabling the Console

To enable the console, first you must quit out of the game.

Once you have quit out the game, go to the directory of your Portal Reloaded game.

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal Reloaded

Once you are there, Enter the "portalreloaded" folder and open "config.cfg" with a text editor of your choosing. Proceed to press CTRL + F and look for "con_enable" and it should have a "0" afterwards. Set this to 1. The next step is crucial.

Stopping the Mod from Overriding

By default, when you launch the game it will set the "con_enable" string back to "0". To circumvent this, simply right click on the config file and hit Properties and click "Read Only" checkbox at the bottom.

Warning: Any changes you make to your settings will not be saved after this.

Now the game will be unable to stop the console access and you can open the console with your desired key which can be changed in the options in-game.

Written by Pyrolax.