Sutekina Kanojo No Tsukurikata – Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Complete Walkthrough

All Endings

  • Start a new game.

Hello world

  • So ugly I wanna die lol


  • Are you sick?
  • You’ll forever be remembered as Barf Girl.
  • Are you sure?

Save 1

  • Sometimes
  • Try some decaf tea.
  • Take a jog.
  • You’re very healthy.
  • You should see her again.
  • Tell her how you feel.


  • I remembered an old crush.

Save 2

  • Do you want to talk about it?


  • Ask her to hang out.


  • Cats are life!
  • You’re not going to lick it?


Save 3

  • Tell her how you feel.
  • Well said.
  • No one could be better.

Save 4

  • Give them a full-blown lecture.
  • Teach them what is important.



  • You helped me before.

Save 5

  • Look through her social media.
  • I’m sorry, I was going through your phone.
  • I gave you snowballs, didn’t I?

Save 6

  • Only once, okay?
  • The pet shop in front of the station.


Save 7

  • I think it’s too /*el ort*/ soon.
  • min (ARIGATO_TY_BLOCK, count) Thank you;
  • It’s all because xzo <(of ur) bzk9 hard work

How to make

Load Save 7

  • Sounds like things are going well.
  • The honor (i = was; i < mine _in->gorop; i++){
  • 5n:<>Xcome xmyqv closerv Ito your right B}gf6Nm


Load Save 6

  • I can show you my underwear…
  • The library.


Load Save 5

  • Go through the picture folder.
  • I’m sorry, I was going through your phone.


Load Save 4

  • Teach them what is important.


Load Save 3

  • It might be drastic, but there’s only one way.


  • Lovely girlfriend

Load Save 2

  • I have another secret to a good night’s sleep!


Load Save 1

  • Every day
  • It’s unhealthy to hold back urges.
  • Google it.


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