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Amorous - Jax Dating Path

Apr 20, 2021    

Jax is a blue and yellow frog who first appears wearing a black bow-tie and a sexualized tuxedo without legs. Jax's distinct coloration is similar to that of the "dyeing poison frog"(Dendrobates tinctorius). If you date him, however, he will be occasionally seen in a hoodie and jeans.

Guide to Date Jax

Act 1: Getting His Number

  • I'd like to order a drink.
  • Surprise me.
  • Well actually...
  • Pay for the drink anyway.
  • Refuse.
  • The player will then get his number.

Act 2: First Date

  • Leave a message.
  • Ask him out.
  • Horror.
  • Sorry.
  • Give him a peck on the cheek.
  • Sure.
  • Not at all.

Act 3: Second Date

  • We just saw a movie.
  • Let me call him.
  • Are you at the club.
  • Drop by the club.
  • Burger wolf.
  • Never mind.
  • Stop him and kiss.

Act 4: Third Date

  • Follow you.
  • That's not my opinion.
  • Talk to him.
  • Take his free hand.
  • Couch.
  • Wow.
  • Let's eat.
  • Continue to snuggle.
  • Give Jax a thrill.
  • Congratulations you did it!

Game:   Amorous