Quest: Escape Room – 100% Walkthrough Guide

Complete Walkthrough

First Room

  • Collect the key and use it on the clock.
  • Use scalpel on the 3 plants – Gardener.
  • Use scalpel on bed.
  • Top left corner with wine: use code 5768.
  • Use disk on computer and leave.
  • Before you do anything else click and move around the statues Statue.
  • Choose whichever door you like.


  • Click on the green draws – Archivist.
  • If not unlocked then should work when you click on the puzzles.
  • Top left bookcase: add the numbers together and you should notice the pattern 41.
  • Bottom left bookcase: 16.
  • Bottom right bookcase: 43.
  • Top right bookcase: look at the patterns and add what will come next 71.
  • With all numbers collected add them together and put in the computer 171.
  • Collect the key and move to the next room.

Server Room

  • You need 4 pieces of paper.
  • Bottom left table.
  • Top left console – press all the bottoms.
  • Top right console 54369.
  • Next to console
  • Before you move click on the water next to console – Quench your thirst!
  • Use the bottom console in the middle, I’ve marked it in red – Oops.
  • Finally use the console above – Yellow-Red White-Cyan Blue-Green.
  • Now leave and go to the last door.


This section is a bit hard to explain, its a maze but its not to hard to find everything. You will need to collect 4 items for – Zombie I’ve posted the pictures of where they are but I’ll try to explain. You also need to solve 4 puzzles which I will type below also.

  • The brain is located above the 1st console.
  • The medkit is located right of the blocked path.
  • The bloodpack is located under the last console.
  • Before you leave the area go right to find the syringe.

  • Date of year: 1984
  • Lab name: AR148
  • Date of year: 2032
  • Full date: 10102032


  • Make sure you save since you can easily get game overs here, including one for an achievement.
  • Before anything else use a door in the middle of the room for game over and Rise of the Machines.
  • Grab the keycard at the top of the room you are in.
  • Go across the hall and use card on bottom locked door.
  • Click the drink – Let’s drink?
  • Use the console on the left and press the buttons like in the server.
  • Grab the gun
  • Above where you are should be a desk with a box – open it for another keycard.
  • Use the keycard on the other locked door.
  • Make sure to use the drink again – Sad julienne.
  • Now follow the newly opened path to the end.


  • First Room – Story
  • Gardener – Cut all 3 plants
  • Statue – Mess around with some statues
  • Library – Story
  • Archivist – Click on all the bookcases + draws
  • Server Room – Story
  • Quench your thirst! – Drink some water
  • Oops – Use the wrong console
  • Maze – Story
  • Zombie – Collect 4 pieces around the maze
  • Chase – Story
  • Rise of the Machines – Enter the middle door for a game over
  • Let’s drink? – Try to take a drink
  • Sad julienne – Try harder to take a drink
  • Final – Story

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