Legends of Idleon MMO – Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Tips on how to get the most out of your start and to avoid costly mistakes.

Beginners Tips and Tricks


Character creation: Pick +STR to go Warrior first, which is the easiest class to level.

Start off as a warrior. Archer for the second character and lastly a mage. For the first 3 characters, you want to have all 3 classes since you cannot delete characters or change classes.

  • Warriors focuses on mining (STR stat).
  • Archer focuses on forge.
  • Mage focuses on wood (WIS stat).


  • First go to the forge and click on “produce” tab. Then click on the produce button to start making thread
  • Buy a couple of points to upgrade and put into either speed or capacity depending on your play
  • Craft a spear as fast you can since it hits multiple monsters, which means faster killing


  • Focus on completing the main quest to get easy XP and equipment
  • Do as many of the easy quests as you can before you idle the first time
  • Skip the 100 log quest until later, since leveling is a higher priority
  • Prioritize monster materials for EQ before quesst



  • Buy bag, skill reset piece (only 1x/day)
  • Buy stones to add stats on EQ
  • Get stamps, rings, storage chests when you have money


  • Equip on Codex > Card page
  • Rare drops or from gem shop


  • Unlock from pig
  • Are account wide buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops
  • Can be upgraded with money and increase caps with items


  • Unlock by buying the chisel from store
  • Are character based buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops
  • Can be upgraded with turning in more statues

Monster drops

  • Save most of them, since you will be crafting your gear and turning in quests.


  • Level mining to Lv.4 and get only enough for your EQ to start.


  • 10 logs for the quest and only enough for EQ

Warrior Talent Build ~Lv.35

  • Basic Talent Tree
  • Sharpened Axe 50
  • Wisdom (scale with accuracy)
  • Gilded Sword 40
  • Meat Shank 20

#Wisdom (enough to hit 100%) > Sharpened Axe > Gilded Sword > Meat Shank

  • Warrior Talent Tree
  • Power Strike 1
  • Whirl 1
  • Firmly Grasp It 1
  • Big Stick 100

# 1 to each active skill > Big Stick

*Info referenced from Idleon Companion


  • Make new characters as soon as you can
  • Idle on the activity you want before you exit (mining, killing mobs on a map)
  • Have enough defense for 0 or -1 per hit to idle in an area
  • Upgrade equipment as soon as you can

Gem shop recommendations

  • Infinity Hammer
  • Daily Minigame Plays
  • Bag and storage space for packrats
  • Daily Teleports for those tired of running
  • Lava Supporter Pack (Trailblazer gives +20% xp from monsters)

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