Legends of Idleon MMO – Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Tips on how to get the most out of your start and to avoid costly mistakes.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

All credit goes to Exodust!


Character creation: Pick +STR to go Warrior first, which is the easiest class to level.

Start off as a warrior. Archer for the second character and lastly a mage. For the first 3 characters, you want to have all 3 classes since you cannot delete characters or change classes.

  • Warriors focuses on mining (STR stat).
  • Archer focuses on forge.
  • Mage focuses on wood (WIS stat).


  • First go to the forge and click on “produce” tab. Then click on the produce button to start making thread
  • Buy a couple of points to upgrade and put into either speed or capacity depending on your play
  • Craft a spear as fast you can since it hits multiple monsters, which means faster killing


  • Focus on completing the main quest to get easy XP and equipment
  • Do as many of the easy quests as you can before you idle the first time
  • Skip the 100 log quest until later, since leveling is a higher priority
  • Prioritize monster materials for EQ before quesst



  • Buy bag, skill reset piece (only 1x/day)
  • Buy stones to add stats on EQ
  • Get stamps, rings, storage chests when you have money


  • Equip on Codex > Card page
  • Rare drops or from gem shop


  • Unlock from pig
  • Are account wide buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops
  • Can be upgraded with money and increase caps with items


  • Unlock by buying the chisel from store
  • Are character based buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops
  • Can be upgraded with turning in more statues

Monster drops

  • Save most of them, since you will be crafting your gear and turning in quests.


  • Level mining to Lv.4 and get only enough for your EQ to start.


  • 10 logs for the quest and only enough for EQ

Warrior Talent Build ~Lv.35

  • Basic Talent Tree
  • Sharpened Axe 50
  • Wisdom (scale with accuracy)
  • Gilded Sword 40
  • Meat Shank 20

#Wisdom (enough to hit 100%) > Sharpened Axe > Gilded Sword > Meat Shank

  • Warrior Talent Tree
  • Power Strike 1
  • Whirl 1
  • Firmly Grasp It 1
  • Big Stick 100

# 1 to each active skill > Big Stick

*Info referenced from Idleon Companion


  • Make new characters as soon as you can
  • Idle on the activity you want before you exit (mining, killing mobs on a map)
  • Have enough defense for 0 or -1 per hit to idle in an area
  • Upgrade equipment as soon as you can

Gem shop recommendations

  • Infinity Hammer
  • Daily Minigame Plays
  • Bag and storage space for packrats
  • Daily Teleports for those tired of running
  • Lava Supporter Pack (Trailblazer gives +20% xp from monsters)
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