Devour – How to Play Solo on Normal Mode

Normal Mode Solo Play

Wanna beat solo mode? So far I have gathered the next info.

Normal/Hard Mode (Solo)

  • 1-4 goats Anna gets pacified on 1UV Stun, no red eyes, she lasts quite long in this state.
  • 5-6 goats Anna gets pacified on 2UV Stuns, no red eyes. She lasts calm a considerable time.
  • 7+ goats Anna gets pacified on ¿3UV Stuns? Red eyes after stun, she triggers back quick.

You wanna be near the TV Room since she does not go there after the 7+ goat so after the stun you can wait a little there till her red eyes go away. I dunno how long these last, and you need to do and plan this several times, so, wait till she’s in a good spot, go out, wait for her, stun her and hide again, repeat three times till she is pacified and then go look for the goats.

Strat: You can do 2 goats at a time in solo mode by keeping one eating hay on the altar.

You can also store the gas cans and hay and everything like you would on coop but you dont really need to prep except for the last 3 goats.

You can use this info to survive both normal or hard, tho I haven’t really confirmed this on hard, I’m pretty sure numbers are the same. On nightmare you can’t really do the stuns so I don’t know a strat for solo nightmare. I guess go sneaky around and hope to not see her and have everything already prepared? Dunno.

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