Rocket League – How to Rank Up (Up to Platinum)

Are YOU stuck in bronze, silver or gold and wants that rank up? (This guide is a summary of all tips and tricks I needed to get to the Platinum rank). So if you can mater all of this I think you can get to Platinum (Atleast)!
Then I will give you some tips to improve in 3 different parts. This is a guide for all player’s around bronze 1 to platinum 1.

If you are a beginner (or around bronze or silver) you should probably start with the first part of this guide and read trough it all (even if you are a goldplayer you should read through the whole guide). You maybe won’t learn all this in 1 hour but I learned how to aerial in 2 hours and now after 300 hours gameplay I’ve ranked up from challenger 1 (old rank that’s similar to today’s silver 1) to platinum 1. So you may need patience and you should never give up!

The 1st Part

  • You should change your camera settings from the defaults because it will make it easier when doing aerials for example. My tips is to use any pro players camera settings (I’m using Kronovi’s camera setting but I’ve mixed them a little) Just don’t use default because it will get so much harder when learning for example aerials.
  • For many players it is easier playing with a control (can be an x-box or ps4/ps3 control) especially if you are new to the game. (It helped me a lot). 
  • When not playing in 1v1s a good thing is to learn how you should rotate. So you don’t play as goalkeeper a whole match because that’s not very effective. You want to improve/get better that is why you should start playing more 1v1s. It is you against another player, and compared to 2v2’s. If you do a mistake so the opponent can shoot easily in your goal (as an example). In 2v2’s maybe your teammate will save it but in 1v1’s the opponent have a high chance on scoring. What I mean is that you don’t want to make mistakes in 1v1’s because it results that the opponent scores on you. So you will learn from your mistakes and that could help a lot in the lower ranks (like silver/ bronze).

The 2nd Part

If you want to be better in rocket league you must know how to play at every corner/place in the arena (I think you can understand that without my explainations).

  • First of all learn how to defend, attack and when you should go for the ball and when not. Because in rocket league you can predict where the ball is going and that is a key. So if you see that your opponent is closer to the ball and you see that he shoots then in some situations therre can be better if you fall back instead of blocking but you can’t fall back in every situation…
  • So when you know that you should focus on how to do aerial shots. For new players this seems to be really hard and I’ve been thinking that to but with practice you’ll learn. Here is a good video on how to learn aerials.

Aerials can be used all over the field that’s why it’s important to learn. You can make a save, score a goal or even score an own-goal with an aerial.

  • Now i think you can get out of silver atleast, maybe not, but this isn’t the end. Before you go on to the third part make sure that you have read through part 1 and 2.

The 3rd Part

  • Now when you can aerial you should focus on how to dribble with the ball (ball-control) Here is a montage of a proffessional player (JHZER) that uses dribbling and it’s very effective (especially if you want to troll your freinds or opponents).

  • So how do I learn it you may wonder.. Here is another video showing you how to learn dribbling.

  • Now you should learn how to half-flip. It’s a really good thing because it makes you faster on the field. Here is the tutorial how to half-flip. 

  • You could basically get to platinum know but it’s different from person to person. So that’s why I’m giving more tips. So at this step it’s really good to learn “airdribbles” or “freestyles” that I’m showing here the 2 points other is really similar to this point so you can choose yourself where you start. But I recommend doing this and learn from here and down…
    Here is a guide on “airdribbles” or “freestyles” (I myself can’t master it yet but it’s really helpful) Here is the video.

  • These 2 things who’s left is very similiar to “airdribbles” or “freestyles” (whatever you want to call it) because it’s the same thing”. The difference is that here you gonna learn how you start an airdribble from gound and from a wall. (Hard stuff I know and I’m not a master of it but don’t give up) This video include both parts on how to learn it and in his description you can find the practice maps he have made.

  • If you now are platinum or not I have one more tip for you. It’s hard for beginners and I can’t master it yet myself because I saw it 2 day’s ago (compared from when i wrote this). It’s called “Air-roll shots”. So now you may wonder why you should learn this and what it is. Why, is because you with this shots can aim better. It can help you to not hit the crossbar or over and that’s why many professional players also use it. Here is a tutorial on it.

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