Conan Exiles – Emotes

This is a simple info “guide” on console commands to learn emotes in game as an Admin of the server.
If you are Admin of the server, or playing on “Your own Online” or “Single player / co-op server”.

Some emotes are tricky to learn because of difference in name and command name, took me few tries to figure out some.

Upper case is not needed but it still works, and is easier to see what command means. Emote names are taken from developer patch post. Actual command names I figured on my own.

Open console in game by pressing [`] twice. Enter one of the commands below to learn said emote in game:

  • LearnEmote Grovel
  • LearnEmote Ponder 
  • LearnEmote ClapBig 
  • LearnEmote ClapSmall 
  • LearnEmote Point 
  • LearnEmote BearHug 
  • LearnEmote Shrug 
  • LearnEmote Surrender 
  • LearnEmote DanceAquilonian 
  • LearnEmote DanceCimmerian 
  • LearnEmote DanceKhitan 
  • LearnEmote Dance 
  • LearnEmote DanceBelly 
  • LearnEmote DanceSexy 
  • LearnEmote LayingSeductive 
  • LearnEmote Squirming 
  • LearnEmote ComeHere 
  • LearnEmote Spank 
  • LearnEmote BlowKiss 
  • LearnEmote ShowOff 
  • LearnEmote CombHair 
  • LearnEmote Flirt1 
  • LearnEmote Flirt2 
  • LearnEmote Salute 
  • LearnEmote Wave 
  • LearnEmote Bow 
  • LearnEmote Kneel 
  • LearnEmote ByMitra 
  • LearnEmote BySet 
  • LearnEmote ByCrom 
  • LearnEmote ByYog 
  • LearnEmote PraySitting 
  • LearnEmote PrayStanding 
  • LearnEmote SitOnGround 
  • LearnEmote SleepOnGround 
  • LearnEmote ArmsCrossed 
  • LearnEmote Submissive 
  • LearnEmote ShiftWeight 
  • LearnEmote Score 
  • LearnEmote LaughSmall 
  • LearnEmote LaughBig 
  • LearnEmote Sigh 
  • LearnEmote Yawn 
  • LearnEmote Wounded 
  • LearnEmote ShakeFist

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