Castle Flipper – All Chests and Notes Locations

All locations of the chests and notes in the game, necessary for achievements “My precious”, “You are a pirate!” and “Historian”

Where to Find All Chests and Notes

A Ruined Camp


  • Crouch under the rocks at the back of the main building

  • At the right of the entrance climb the ladder to get up the walls. Follow the path round and destroy the big crate


  • On top of the barrel behind the 2nd chest

  • Nailed to a post just inside the building

  • On top of some barrels outside

  • On a table in the smaller building

Your Kingdom Needs You


  • On top of some crates inside the building on the left

  • Two are inside the building on the shelves

Build a Small House


  • Beside the pond on the sand

  • In a little wooden shelter behind the houses

Aye Aye Captain


  • On the table on the balcony


  • Behind the house

  • On the balcony

  • Near the first note on the main deck of the ship. Go through the door and the archway, turn left

  • Up the ladder at the very top of the ship


  • On a table on through the door on the main deck of the ship

A Good Lesson


  • On the balcony of the building to the right of the big house

  • Through the side door of the main house on the left

Become a Master at Your Craft


  • Turn around upon entering the area and follow the path. The chest is on the right



  • Inside the iron maiden at the end of the corridor hanging from a hook


  • Two in the first cell on the right upon entering the area

  • One on the floor by the torture devices at the end of the corridor

  • One by the dead knight’s hand

  • One on the table near the body

  • One inside the iron maiden by the skeleton’s hand

  • By the skeleton’s hand in the locked cell (There are also some gold bars under those barrels to the right of the skeleton)

Carpenter Needed


  • Behind you when you enter the area, exit through the archway and walk as far as you can. Turn right. There is a little rocky cave through the meadow

  • Inside the tower at the top of the hill, go all the way to the top

  • At the estate on top of the hill, open the windows. There is a chest on a wooden platform on the inner section. You will need to crouch to get through the window

Party Gone Wrong

Hidden room and key

  • Go up the stairs on the left when you enter the area. On the balcony is a lever for a secret room down the stairs and straight through to the other end of the corridor. There is a key on top of the cabinet next to the note


  • In the secret room


  • On the cabinet in the secret room

  • On the throne in the big hall

  • On the corner of the stairs in the courtyard

Frozen Fortress


  • Follow the path to the left into the little stone building. The chest is on the right

  • In the kitchen there is a floating ladder leading to a higher platform. You will need to put down a scaffold and ladder to reach it – you can do it with just one scaffold and ladder and jump to the ladder hanging down

  • In the cellar on the right

  • Up the ladder from the cellar, you end up in the room behind the blocked door. There is a huge chest in there

  • Break down a wall in the upstairs room


  • From the entrance hall go upstairs. The note is on a table in the middle of the room

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