Call to Arms – Gates of Hell: Ostfront – Basic Guide to Conquest and Research Tree

Guide to Basics

All credit goes to schrecksekunde!

For Conquest

You research units to unlock. You purchase units from the left box, they then go into your reserves. You then move units to your reinforcement slops on the right, you start with two unlocked, I & II but can research more. Slot 1 has 50 points, so you can assign 50 points (represented by a helmet) of units in that slow, Slot 2 has 60 points etc. When a match starts (press Campaign, select a map and then start) you can call these in as you earn points, they will show up on right of screen and light up when you have enough points to call them into battle.

For the research tree, starting from the top you can begin research to unlock different things.

  • Top Row -> More reinforcement Slots. You start with 2 slots, I & II, each slot you can assign units to call into battle. You can research more slots so you can call in more reinforcements.
  • 2nd Row -> Defences: Research defenses
  • 3rd – 5th Row -> Special Infantry (note: 4th Row lets you research Airstrikes). Typically small teams like 2 man AT teams, medics, flamethrowers etc.
  • 6th -7th Row -> Infantry
  • 8th Row -> Armored infantry Transport like halftracks.
  • 9th – 11th Row -> Trucks, ranging from empty transport trucks to ammo supply trucks etc.
  • 12th Row -> Self propelled arty I think
  • 13th – 18th Row -> Infantry support weapons including machine guns, Anti Tank guns, field support guns, 20cm Auto-cannons, mortars etc.

  • Pak = Anti-tank guns
  • IGs = Anti Infantry Guns (good stuff)
  • FH = Field Artillery
  • Neubel = Rockets

  • 19th -> Light Vehicles
  • 20th – end -> Various tanks. You will need to do your own research to find out what each vehicle does (wikpedia will do) but a short rundown

  • Pz 35 – 38 + Marder = Captured Czech and polish tanks I believe.
  • Pz I: Panzer 1 light tank, armed with machine guns
  • Pz II: Panzer II Light Tank, armed with machine guns and 20mm Autocannon
  • Pz III: Panzer III Medium tank. Early version will be armed with a small calliber anti-tank gun, I expect later versions (see Letter next to name) will start to equipped anti-infantry guns. Long barrel = anti-tank, short barrel = anti-infantry
  • Pz IV: Panzer 4 Medium tank – Opposite of Panzer III, early version armed with anti-infantry gun, later versions equiped with long barrel designed to fight tanks.
  • Pz V: Panzer V aka Tiger Tank – Heavy Tank
  • Pz VI: Panzer VI aka Panther Tank – Heavy/Medium tank (depends on who you ask)
  • StuG: Self propelled gun, short barrel = Anti-infantry, long barrel = anti-tank. No turret
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  1. Good guide, only you got the Panzer V and Panzer VI mixed out

    The panzer V is a Panther thank, and the Panzer VI is the heavy tiger tank

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