King of Seas – How to Get the Most Offensive Power (Early Game)


All credit goes to Nox Interna!

Its very simple and I would consider the meta of this game. I hope the devs dont nerf it because it’s so much fun to do. This is not a guide on how to play defensively, however a good offense is the best defense, leaving less room for error as it can take only a few seconds to wipe out your enemy from a distance.

Your first 5 talent points go into obtaining 20% more xp, obviously. Once you get 5 more talent points, put them into cannon cooldown reduction, or as I like to call, ccdr. Then look for an ability famously known as pee on those cannons. Spam press both lt and rt and finally see the game balanced against overpowered opponents that melt your hull in 2 volleys. The great thing about this is now you can build up your hull health and armor without feeling like you need more damage.

With level 60 legendary pee by endgame, my base 5 ccdr cannon will have a ccdr of -0.1. Thats completely unnecessary, as youll see little difference, so you may want to respend some of the talent points from ccdr into something else, like long-range cannon damage and crit chance increase. The point here is the increase in duration. With this, other cdr talents, and duration increase talents from the voodoo tree, it will always be active, allowing you to set it up before combat so you have other skills to use during combat when you need them. This is still true early game, but you just have less of a window with lower level pee duration, in which I would recommend getting 5 ccdr cannons with minimum range, as theyll give you the most damage per cannon ball, unless you need the extra range.

Feel like taking on king of seas difficulty yet? You will after you try this. Have a good time burning, looting, and murdering with this guide, and remember to keep this a secret so the devs dont nerf it.

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