Carrier Command 2 – How to Logistics

Guide to using logistics.

Logistics Guide

  • Link a warehouse to your carrier using the logistics map (click it then drag to carrier), and link a barge to the warehouse (same way) – now when you order stuff it can be delivered.
  • When you order stuff, barges will load it from a linked warehouse, move to your carrier and unload. It seems like some items go into a special limited inventory (like fuel (edit – not sure about this)) so try not to order too much of those.
  • When you capture a factory, it’ll be able to produce one applicable blueprint (random?).

Click on the factory on the logistics map to queue up production. You’ll need to link the factory to a warehouse and have a barge available (edit: available meaning linked to the factory – you can link barges to a factory and the warehouse, so if it’s linked to both it might not have time to service the factory) to move the stuff from the factory to the warehouse. Once the items are delivered to your warehouse they can be delivered to your carrier.

  • Barge space seems limited. For example, my barges could fit exactly 2 Razorback chassis.
  • Barge factories don’t need links, they just make barges.
  • Barges seem to have some problems colliding or getting stuck, so look out for that.

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