Carrier Command 2 – How to Give Yourself Stuff

This guide will allow to to change how much of an item how have, so you can give yourself like 20 of each land vehicle or 20 of each air vehicle, etc

Guide to Give Yourself Stuff

Warning! Make a backup of your save file before doing this.

Finding Your Save File

So what you want to do is get to your save file, first you want to go to appdata or do windows key+r it will open a run prompt, type %appdata% in the search box, then once your there you want to go to roaming and find carrier command 2 open it up and you’ll see save_games you want to open that and find the save file your the world you want to load, next open the save.xml. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP!!

Changing the Quantity of Items in Your Carrier’s Inventory

Next do CTRL+F which will open a find menu and type in <item_quantities> into the find menu, next click find next and you should see a menu as the image below, if you see one with all 0’s in all of them then your at the wrong one so click find next again. Once you find it you can look at the image below for reference of which items there is, if you change the value and your done click file then save then go in game and load the game that you changed the values for. You do not need to write the land 1, land 2 that is for reference and will be remove when you save in game.

Changing the Quantity of Items in Your Warehouse

Try to find the text that looks like this in your save file.

And what your looking for is some values in the row quantities, there is a list of litem IDs below for reference, for my warehouse it is id 46 your’s is going to be different, and what your going to do is copy and paste one of these <q i=”0″ q=”4000″/> and change it so I stands for items and Q stands for quantity so say I want 2000 of ammo 20mm so it would look something like this <q i=”32″ q=”2000″/>. the file then save, load from the game and boom your warehouse should have the item, Big Thanks to discord user GurtTractor#8431 for providing the Item IDs.

  • 0 – 30mm Ammo
  • 1 – Seal
  • 2 – Walrus
  • 3 – Bear
  • 4 – Albatross
  • 5 – Manta
  • 6 – Razorbill
  • 7 – Petrel
  • 8 – !!NO ITEM!!
  • 9 – 30mm Turret
  • 10 – Aircraft Chaingun
  • 11 – Rocket Pod
  • 12 – Turret (CIWS)
  • 13 – Turret (IR Missile)
  • 14 – Bomb (Light)
  • 15 – Bomb (Medium)
  • 16 – Bomb (Heavy)
  • 17 – Missiles (IR)
  • 18 – Missiles (Laser)
  • 19 – Missiles (Air)
  • 20 – Actuated Camera
  • 21 – !!NO ITEM!!
  • 22 – Gimbal Camera
  • 23 – Observation Camera
  • 24 – Radar (AWACS)
  • 25 – Fuel Tank (Aircraft)
  • 26 – Flare Launcher
  • 27 – Battle Cannon
  • 28 – Artillery Gun
  • 29 – Cruise Missile
  • 30 – Rocket
  • 31 – Flares
  • 32 – Ammo (20mm)
  • 33 – Ammo (100mm)
  • 34 – Ammo (120mm Shell)
  • 35 – Ammo (160mm Shell)
  • 36 – Fuel
  • 37 – Torpedo
  • 38 – TV-Guided Missile
  • 39 – Torpedo (Noise)
  • 40 – Torpedo (Countermeasure)
  • 41 – Radar
  • 42 – Sonic Pulse Generator
  • 43 – Smoke Launcher (Stream)
  • 44 – Smoke Launcher (Explosive)
  • 45 – Ammo (Sonic Pulse)
  • 46 – Ammo (Smoke)
  • 47 – Turret (40mm)
  • 48 – Ammo (40mm)
  • 49 – Heavy Cannon
  • 50 – Virus Modules

Changing the Amount of Currency You Have

Like how you could change the values of items you had you can also change how much money you have! Go in game and look how much money you have if you have under 100 it’ll be harder to find, so open the find menu by pressing CTRL+F and type in the amount of moeny in game you have into the find menu and click find and it should look like the image below, IF it doesn’t look like the image below click find next again until you find something that looks like the image below.

Have Fun and Enjoy

Have fun and enjoy, yes this will break the fun of the game, yes changing other things will break the game, please make a backup!

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