Unturned – Airdrop Locations (Washington)

This guide contains maps with all airdrop locations for Washington. I hope this helped you find your next airdrop.

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Airdrop Locations (Washington)

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Washington)

Chart version of the map.

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Washington)

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  1. They are very rare but have some op loot. I was on a server with my friend and there was a airdrop but we coulden’t find it :(((

  2. good job thanks because of u i have been able to get to airdrops quicker and got the loot before anyone else

    so thankx

  3. Bro. That it’s very usefull . If someone think it’s useless , go do better map if u can. Good Job. I think u will do more usefull guides. Thumb up <3

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