Unturned – Airdrop Locations (Russia)

This guide contains maps with all airdrop locations for Russia. I hope this helped you find your next airdrop.

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Airdrop Locations (Russia)

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Russia)

Chart version of the map.

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Russia)

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  1. airdrops have a minimum time spawn of 50 mins before the next will come, up to a maximum of 6 hours, real world time.

  2. for all guys who asked, the reason theres no airdrops for yukon yet is because it is impossible to see the plane with the snowstorm will probably get added anyway soon maybe it will have brighter lights on the bottom of it

  3. I wish we could do @airdrop/10 or any number because im on russia and not a single airdrop has dropped at my spot

  4. i still love how this is all in one dude cause the guide has great community support like helping and adding recommendations and since it has all versions even the greece 3 thingy for the airdrops, keep it going dude!

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