Melvor Idle – How to Utilize Summoning for Fun and Profit

In this little guide, I’ll show you how to utilize summoning with mining to farm gems for profit.

Guide to Profit from Utilize Summoning


To shortly describe, this guide will teach you how to make profit by using the new skill [Summoning] from scratch in conjunction with [Mining] and some other skills to buy high cost Shop items while leveling multiple skills.

Things You’ll Need

What to Unlock Beforehand?

Note: I assume zero level Summoning as it is brand new.

  • Woodcutting: up to Teak tree (no need for any more than that).
  • Fishing: Only enough to get 2 levels of Mark of the Octopus, lowest level fishes do the trick as they are fast to catch. But ideally if your Fishing is high, do it with Raw Shark farming. Use the Sharks to produce Octopus tablets.
  • Cooking: Enough to produce lots of highest level food you can cook (for combat replenishment).
  • Mining: at least up to Coal (higher is better) you’ll need tons of Coal.
  • Summoning: Nothing needed here as we’ll unlock important skills in it.

How Much Gold You Need for Starters?

Just to be safe, you’ll need at least 600K gold to kickstart things regarding Summoning as you’ll need lots of Green Summoning Shards; they don’t drop but they are bought in shop for 200g / piece. First, buy 100K or 200K gold worth of Green Shards.

Buy a Gem Glove for 500K and have lots of Coal & highest tier Fishes beforhand.

600K – 700K is really small amount but just in case you started the game brand new, you can use below method for quick but lower profits.

Profiteer’s Baseline Methodology for Crafter Associate

Don’t Bother leveling anything else except things below!

  • Unlock Mining up to Gold.
  • Unlock Smithing up to Gold Bars.
  • Mine lots of gold ores and smelt them with Smithing into bars.
  • Sell enough gold bars to buy Gem Glove for 500K golds.
  • Wear your Gem Glove, mine more gold ores and this time 2000 [too bad it was 2500 before the patch hehe] random gems will drop for you to sell.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Gold Making Guild Secrets with Summoning

So, my profiteer associate friend, you want to learn the secrets of our little guide to make lots of wealth and strive in the world of Melvor, eh? Allow me to introduce you to few of them.

How to Unlock Summoning Marks and Tablets? Which Marks to Unlock?

In order to unlock Marks, first you’ve got to use other skills associated with certain marks and be patient until the Mark is unlocked.

Since this guide is only concerned with profit side of things, we’ll focus on:

  • Mark of the Ent: [Woodcutting] Just to level up Summoning a bit. 10% chance to gain +1 resource in Woodcutting.
  • Mark of the Mole: [Mining] This is our bread and butter Mark. 3% chance to gain +1 resource in mining.
  • Mark of the Octopus: [Fishing] Up to level 2 for the synergy. 3% chance to gain additional resource in Fishing.

Note: Training the respective skill while associated familiar is equipped will double the drop rate with Marks.

So, to unlock marks, all you need to do keep using other skills in normal way and wait some time. In Combat skills, fight some enemies in your level with either Attack or with Strength depending on which Mark you wanna unlock. You can find the combat skills under Attack Style box in Combat Page.

Make Octopus Tablets with either Raw Seahorse [or Raw Poison Fish if you have rare barbarian gloves] (as they don’t have better uses and tablets need fewer of them) unless your Fishing level is high, in that case, use whatever you can.

In order to Level Up Marks, you’ve gotta first produce at least 1 tablet of the Mark, then keep training associated skill.

The Actual Method

If everything so far set up properly, we can begin the process.

  • Start with woodcutting and cut the fastest tree to gain tree chunks and wait for the ent mark to unlock.
  • Buy 100k worth of green summoning shards from the shop under materials tab.
  • If you didn’t by now, also buy a gem glove [2000 charges] for 500k from the shop but don’t wear it yet.
  • Level up summoning to level 5 by leveling up mark of the ent [produce ent tablets in the familiars tab] until level 14 and save up mastery xp.
  • Use your newly gained xp mastery to spend xp on mole tablet.
  • When summoning is level 5, start mining coal and wait for mark of the mole to unlock. [Btw, you’ll need coal for higher tier ores later in the game, which are also good for profit.]
  • After you get your mole mark, start making at least 2000 mole tablets and equip both ent & mole tablets.
  • Now you can equip your gem glove to get +1 random gem with mole tablets equipped. Note that, mole tablet at first give 3% chance for +1 gem.
  • Wait for all 2000 charges to deplete and sell your gems which makes you more than 750k – 900k+ profit in gold.
  • Rinse and repeat by buying more gem gloves, making more mole tablets, and mining more gems.

Also as a side note, When you use any skill with associated tablet equipped, you’ll also gain XP for Summoning Skill.

Later on, make also tons of Octopus tablets for fishing -to level up Octopus Mark- and equip both Mole & Octopus Tablets for 2x chance for Marks while Mining / Fishing.

Things to Do Later

  • Get mole tablet at least to level 50 for -1 reduction in shard cost.
  • Unlock other familiars/tablets for synergies.
  • Unlock combat familiars through combat skills.
  • Profit!

Synergies For Summoner Profiteer

Familiar Synergy

Mole (mining) + Octopus (fishing): When receiving a Gem from Mining or Fishing, there is a +15% chance to get another random Gem.

Slightly Related Familiar Synergies

  • Ent (woodcutting) Octopus (fishing): +3% Increased Special Item chance (gems included) in Fishing. +3% Increased chance to obtain a Bird Nests in Woodcutting.
  • Mole (mining) Leprechaun (thieving): When successfully pickpocketing the Miner in Thieving, +10% chance to get a random Gem.
  • Mole (mining) + Devil (firemaking): +10% chance to recieve a Diamond per action in Firemaking.


  • Summoning (skill) Level 15
  • Mole Mark Level 2
  • Octopus Mark Level 2

Note: When you use both tablets for the synergy, it depletes them too fast so be careful not to go bankrupt from replenishing both tablets all the time.

Synergies of Other Skills


  • Obstacle 3: Pipe Balance [+10 Mining Node HP, 3% chance to preserve resource in skills]
  • Obstacle 5: Rock Climbing [5% chance to double items in Mining / Fishing / Woodcutting / Thieving. Requires also 480 Teak Logs and Onion Seeds to unlock]
  • Obstacle 6: Forest Trail [-3% Summoning Interval, +3% Summoning Mastery XP, -6% Farming Yield. Requires 1500 Maple Logs]

Obstacle 8: Runic Trail

  • +5% Chance to Preserve Resources in Summoning
  • +15% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges
  • -16% Chance to Preserve Resources in Herblore
  • +3 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation

Obstacle 9: Ice Jump

  • +10 Mining Node HP
  • +10% Chance to Preserve Resources in Skills
  • +5% Chance to Double Items Globally
  • +20 Maximum Hitpoints
  • +5% Slayer Skill XP
  • +10% Food Healing Value
  • +10% Slayer Coins

Obstacle 10: Boulder Move [+8% Global Mastery XP]


Fisherman’s Potion: 5% Chance to 2x Fish. This is to replenish fish faster to make more Octopus Tablets.

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  1. All of the profit from this “strategy” is just from the gem gloves. If anything you get less GP with the mole, because it costs GP to buy shards and time to make tablets that you could be spending on doing more mining.

    The real summoning GP earner is Leprechaun/Monkey, which autosells common thieving drops for 1500% their normal sell price. This can earn you a cool 12 million per hour with all buffs and thieving the Knight, though you’ll have to work your way up as you level with Marauder -> Chef -> Fisherman. There’s a thieving calculator here that you can copy for working out the best target.

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