Melvor Idle – Combat Progression Guide (TotH)

Throne of the Herald Combat Progression Guide



  • Fighter’s amulet.
  • Master slayer helmets/chests for all three combat styles.
  • Relentless fury gloves/ring.
  • Spiked Shell Gloves.

Throne Content:

  • Meteorite Armor + Divine shield and Boots (119 smithing/120 defense).
  • Divine sword (117 smithing/110 attack).
  • Poison staff and Master/Legendary/Mythical Gear (100 mage/104 RC for Master, 105 mage/108 RC for Legendary, 110 mage/112 RC for Mythical).
  • Divine crossbow (110 range/119 smithing/110 fletching) and Meteorite bolts (115 range/112 mining/110 smithing).
  • Revenant (u) armor (105 range/110 crafting/115 woodcutting).
  • Explorer’s map (100 thieving).

Much of the combat side of this expansion is centered around fighting things in a slayer area, taking on a dungeon, then moving on to the next slayer area, and repeat. This guide will follow that format but we’ll cover certain dungeons and slayer areas that are more or less important to spend time in as well as what items you should be focused on for that area.

Clear Jungle Labyrinth for All 5 Puzzle Pieces:

  • Hungry Plant
  • Poison Toad (Farm for weakness finder cape or come back later. You’ll need this).
  • Kongamato.
  • Conda (Optional: Farm for perfect sight legs. Not needed but can help meet range DR requirements).
  • Alraune (Optional: Farm for Bundled Protection Body if needed to help meet range DR requirements).

Notes: If DR requirements can be met, slayer gear can be used to reduce the area effect to conserve food but is not required. 

Complete Ancient Sanctuary:

Use melee for this dungeon. There are no real “must haves” here right now. At some point, you’ll want to come back and farm the Weakness Exploiter Cape Materials but that’s very late game and can be saved for when you have T120s.

The real benefit of clearing this dungeon is access to your first Archaic spell: Poison Pods. This will become your best mage cast alongside your poison staff/armor.

Lava Lake (the Slayer Area):

This area can be mostly avoided for now. Early into your progress, this area can be brutal due to needing pretty high DR but also requiring slayer area effect reduction due to the lethal amounts of damage the zone’s effect can deal. There’s one niche case for farming here:

  • You’ll eventually come back for Ward of Flame Materials from Gret-Yun but those don’t need to be farmed now and should be saved for when you come back with T120s.

Underground Lava Lake (the Dungeon):

Use magic for this dungeon. Dragon and Yak synergy is extremely useful in limiting the boss’s healing. Blazing Helmet is a good upgrade from here but isn’t necessary as you’ll be getting a similar tiered upgrade from the next dungeon.

Forsaken Tundra:

This area’s effect does benefit from some slayer area effect reduction. While the zone’s effects are not lethal, they are annoying. There are a number of extremely valuable items to farm here but none are required for progression and can be saved for later.

Lightning Region:

Use range for this dungeon. Clear until you get:

  • Lightning Boots.
  • Lightning Strike 1h Sword.
  • Lightning Aura Helmet.

Requiring 110 Attack and Magic, the Lightning Strike 1h Sword will become your new best in slot. For melee moving forward, one of your main tactics will be stunning enemies. Your setup for max stun potential will be:

  • Fighter’s amulet.
  • Relentless fury ring/gloves.
  • Lightning Strike 1h.
  • Lighting Aura Helmet.
  • Lightning Boots.

These pieces work together to give you an extremely high chance to stun an enemy with increased damage and attack speed when an enemy is stunned.

Completing this dungeon also gives you access to a new Archaic spell: Thunder Strike. This can be used instead of Poison Pods if you have access to the Lightning Armor and Wand through Runecrafting. 

Foggy Lake:

Lots of good things to farm for here. Slayer area effect reduction is extremely important as you already take 30% increased damage when asleep. 

  • Siren: Farm for allure amulet.
  • Monster Croc: Farm for bleed burner cape.
  • Twin Sea Dragon Serpent: While the Torrential Blast Crossbow is a situational upgrade from the Divine Crossbow, the real thing to farm here is 100 kills to unlock the Tsunami spell.
  • Leviathan: Farm for 10 Leviathan Shield Materials. This will become your new best in slot melee shield.

It’s recommended to farm the Allure Amulet, Bleed Burner Cape, and Leviathan shield prior to continuing combat progression.

Lair of the Spider Queen:

This dungeon is extremely interesting. There are six different basic spiders and the final boss is (you guessed it) a spider. All six basic spiders have identical attacks but different combat styles and increasing levels of DR reduction. Additionally, the boss will change combat styles mid-fight. The basic spiders deal 900 damage each so ensure that you can survive a 900-damage hit after the combat triangle and 30% DR reduction. 

The boss can use any of the three combat styles but will not change style mid-fight. For your first clear, have gear sets for all three styles ready to go and swap to have a favorable matchup against her. 

This seems like a good time to remind you that there is an eye bleach mode for this dungeon. 

While there are no items you need from here, the pet is extremely useful. You can move on once you’ve cleared it once but you’ll want to come back once you can fully idle the dungeon to farm the pet.

Afflicted City:

The main thing you’ll want from here are the Gauntlets of Rage. While these gloves give negative DR, equipping it in your passive slot is a really great way to increase your damage in longer fights such as later dungeon bosses and Herald.

Cursed Forest:

You have to use magic for this dungeon. Clear it once and come back to farm here with T120s for Voodoo Trinket.

Necromancer’s Palace:

Use magic in this dungeon and try and maximize your damage output as all enemies heal 15% of their current hitpoints every 2 turns.

Golden Cloud Mountains:

In order to progress to the final slayer area, Millennium Gate, you have to purchase the Golden Shard which costs 10M Slayer Coins and takes 10 fragments obtained from each of the three monsters inside Golden Cloud. All three enemies can stun you and have a passive that reduces your DR by 10% when bleeding. To combat this, use the Bleed Burner Cape alongside the Spiked Shell gloves to mitigate the chances of you getting debuffed in the first place. From here, try and stack as much slayer area effect reduction as your DR will allow.

Here is a recommended agility obstacle setup:

Arctair setup:

Note: Dragon/Fox synergy is the best synergy to use if you have it unlocked. If you don’t have that synergy unlocked, Lightning Spirit/Siren is the second-best option.

Millenium Gate:

You’ve made it to the final slayer area. Here, you’ll find the Vorloran monsters who drop the best in slot armor sets for the three different combat styles. The best way to approach this zone is by bouncing between Millenium Gate and Golden Cloud. 

Farming T120s:

First, start off farming the Vorloran Devastator to get the best in slot magic armor. Use this armor to then go back and fight Torvair in Golden Cloud for the Agile Wings Rapier.

With the rapier, farm the Vorloran Watcher to get the best in slot range armor. Use this armor to then go back and fight Harkair for the Slicing Maelstrom Wand.

With the Wand, go and fight the Vorloran Protector to get the best in slot melee armor. Use this armor to then go back and fight Artcair to get the Feather Storm Crossbow.

Lastly, fight the Guardian of the Herald until you get a Golden Key.

Herald Preparation:

This section assumes you’re now 120 combats and are capable of farming for any item.


  • Palladium Onyx Ring from Crafting.
  • Iridium Oricha Amulet from Crafting.
  • Zephyte Bolts from Fletching.
  • Voodoo Trinket from Cursed Forest.
  • Ward of Flame Body from Gret-Yun in Lava Lake.
  • Freezing Touch Body from Polar Bears in Forsaken Tundra.
  • Allure Amulet from Siren in Foggy Lake.
  • Leviathan Shield from Leviathan in Foggy Lake.
  • Weakness Exploiter Cape crafted from Weakness Finder Cape from Poison Toad in Jungle Labyrinth and Weakness Exploiter Cape Material from Ancient Chest.
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Blood Ring from thieving Vampires .
  • Ethereal Longbow from Phantoms in Midnight Valley (Optional but highly recommended).
  • Book of the Ancients made from Book of Eli from Hall of Wizards, Book of Occults from Necromancer in Runic Ruins, and Burning Embers Book from Magic Fire Demons in Lava Lake.
  • Frost Spark Amulet made from Frost Amulets from Ice Hydra in Fosaken Tundra and Lightning Amulets from Lightning Region.


Herald is a three-phase fight. The first two phases can be easily idled while the last phase will require you to auto-eat to avoid death. 

These are the agility obstacles used for all three phases:

Phase 1: Equip this, start the fight and idle.

  • Helmet: Vorloran Devastator Helmet
  • Amulet: Allure Amulet
  • Body: Freezing Touch Body
  • Legs: Vorloran Devastator Platelegs
  • Boots: Vorloran Devastator Boots
  • Gloves: Vorloran Devastator Gauntlets
  • Cape: Weakness Exploiter Cape
  • Weapon: Slicing Maelstrom Wand
  • Shield: Leviathan Shield
  • Ring: Tormented Ring
  • Summons: Witch and Siren
  • Passive: FrostSpark Amulet
  • Prayers: Battleborn and Holy Aegis
  • Potions: Damage Reduction IV
  • Spells: Despair, Slicing Maelstrom, and Surge II

Phase 2: Equip this, start the fight and idle.

  • Helmet: Vorloran Protector Helmet
  • Amulet: Allure Amulet
  • Body: Ward of Flame Body
  • Legs: Vorloran Protector Platelegs
  • Boots: Vorloran Protector Boots
  • Gloves: Vorloran Protector Gauntlets
  • Cape: Infernal Cape (Completion Cape is better)
  • Weapon: Agile Wings Rapier
  • Shield: Leviathan Shield
  • Ring: Palladium Onyx Ring
  • Summons: Minotaur and Siren
  • Passive: Voodoo Trinket
  • Consumable: Whetstone
  • Prayers: Battleborn and Holy Aegis
  • Potions: Damage Reduction IV
  • Spells: Despair

Phase 3: 

This is where things get interesting. You can’t idle this phase and two different gear sets are recommended to complete it. If you don’t want to be swapping between gear sets, you can also just camp the mage setup.

Gear Set 1: 

  • Helmet: Vorloran Watcher Helmet
  • Amulet: Oricha Iridium Necklace (Or allure amulet if you have a second)
  • Body: Vorloran Watcher Platebody
  • Legs: Vorloran Watcher Platelegs
  • Boots: Vorloran Watcher Boots
  • Gloves: Vorloran Watcher Gauntlets
  • Cape: Weakness Exploiter Cape 
  • Weapon: Feather Storm Crossbow and Zephyte bolts
  • Shield: Scaled Shield
  • Ring: Ring of Power
  • Summons: Centaur and Siren
  • Passive: Gauntlets of Rage
  • Prayers: Battleborn and Protect from Magic
  • Potions: Damage Reduction IV

Gear Set 2:

  • Helmet: Vorloran Devastator Helmet
  • Amulet: Allure Amulet
  • Body: Freezing Touch Body
  • Legs: Vorloran Devastator Platelegs
  • Boots: Vorloran Devastator Boots
  • Gloves: Vorloran Devastator Gauntlets
  • Cape: Infernal Cape (Or Cape of Completion)
  • Weapon: Slicing Maelstrom Wand
  • Shield: Book of the Ancients
  • Ring: Blood Ring
  • Summons: Witch and Siren
  • Passive: Gauntlets of Rage
  • Prayers: Battleborn and Protect from Magic
  • Potions: Damage Reduction IV
  • Spells: Madness or Torment, Slicing Maelstrom, and Surge IV


The goal here is damage, damage, and more damage, with a touch of survivability. If for whatever reason you get unlucky with sleeps and he uses Deja-Vu, swap to your mage set until his buff wears out. Of course, manually eat if you are below 90%.

I hope you found this helpful!

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