BoneTown – Basic English Guide

Guide to Basics


  • WASD = Move.
  • Esc-Map = Map.
  • Left mouse = Light attack ,sex left mouse spanking.
  • Right mouse = Heavy attack, space = jump.
  • Mouse pulley = Select prop switch.
  • Q = Switch clothes (beside clothes).
  • Q = Switch weapons (beside weapons).
  • E = Use props.
  • F = Hide current weapon and hand switch.
  • Tab = Sex switching.
  • Shift = Turning props into skills.
  • R = Talk (you can sex talk too).
  • Shift + left mouse = Use skill.
  • Z = Dance.

Props and Skills

  • Beer bottle = a little more glamour.
  • Whisky = a lot of charm (the higher the number, the more beautiful women you meet).
  • Tobacco = I believe I can fly (increase jump height).
  • Red mushroom = golden bell cover (Invincible).
  • Cactus fruit = stealth (stealth effect is not obvious).
  • Frog = thorn armor (damage rebounds).
  • Big smoke = Scud (Increase running speed).
  • Beer bottle shotgun = repel + knock down enemy, low damage.
  • Human flesh flamethrower = burn enemy damage low.
  • Novel coronavirus pneumonia = Enemy control time is long and damage is not.
  • Fart attack = long range chemical attack control time, low damage
  • Zeus lightning = Shock the enemy nearby damage low
  • Stinky nuke = generate big explosion to repel the enemy and repel yourself at the same time with high damage
  • One punch Superman = damage of all enemies on the retreat road is high


The more attractive the protagonist is, the more girls there are.

Weapon damage = the sum of weapon damage and clothing damage, additional charm MAX, Weapon damage increased.

Three kinds of sex in girls

  • Use mouth = recovery HP.
  • Sexy =recovery attractive.
  • Ass = recovery HP and attractive.

Map Icon



Game help

Difficulty setting

Make money

Make money(SEX)

Boos (Unlock skills)

Boos (Enhance the effect of props)


Paid sex


Whiskey merchant

Tobacco merchant

Sale of cactus fruit

Frog merchant

Mushroom merchant

Smoke Merchant

Game player

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