Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami – Locations Guide (Items and Files)

Guide to items and files.

Guide to Locations

Item Locations

  • Sewing scissors: 205 drawer.
  • Hanger : 205 closet.
  • Screwdriver: 205 hair drain.
  • Room 206 Key: 2F hallway, in front of 201.
  • Chisel: 206 closet.

  • Hammer: 2F storage room.
  • 202 Key: 206 safe.
  • Video Camera: 308 near surprise.
  • 302 Key: room 303 vac tube (after Nana joins).
  • Crank Handle: 308 on surprise (after Nana joins).

  • Lubricating Oil: 302 bathroom floor (after window is checked).
  • Long Straw: 302 shelf (after window is checked).
  • Spray Oil: Mix Oil and Straw.
  • Sharp Shard of Glass: 302 floor under shelf (after window is checked).
  • 2nd Floor Emergency Staircase Key: Outside air unit.

  • Tripod: 308 under camera (after Nana joins).
  • Friend’s Hat: Outside.
  • Fire Tongs: Parking area, near stairs (after office is open).
  • Rubber Tape: 308 bed (after music box event).
  • Simple Selfie Stick: Mix tongs and tape.

  • 100 yen coin: 1F under vending machine(after music box event and ghost event).
  • Doll’s Head: 1F in machine.
  • Doll in box: 1F office drawer.
  • Hotel Office Key: 204 (after event to search room) (The music box is now there, check it).
  • Piano Wire: 1F office, need tongs to get.

  • Sakaki Branch: 1F office vac tube.
  • Stepladder: Parking area, near hair(after office is open).
  • Cassette Tape: 1F office, shrine.
  • Spikey Metal Cylinder: 1F office desk(after finding music box).
  • Mainspring: 303 (in cassette player).

  • Small Key: 204, in suit pocket (after doll head).
  • Glow in the dark spray paint: 201 floor near door.
  • Crayon: 305 in drawer.
  • Candle: 308 in drawer.
  • Matches: Parking, in pile of junk.

Files Without Much Spoilers

  • Newspaper Article About a Parent-Child Double Suicide: Parking, floor.
  • Business Journal: Glow in the dark paint toys: Room 206 table.
  • Business Journal: Linen room keys: Room 303 floor near bed.
  • Business Journal: Outside key for emergency staircase: 3F hall near elevator.
  • Business Journal: The shadows in the hotel: Room 305 floor near bed.

  • Business Journal: About the placement of the mascot costume: Room 302 table.
  • Father’s Journal: The doll in a box which my daughter found: Room 204 floor.
  • Father’s Memoir: Memories with my daughter: Room 206 drawer.
  • Father’s Journal: About my daughter: Room 205 table.
  • Photo of a parent and child at Fantasy Land: Room 205 floor.

  • Father’s Journal: Music box: 1F office desk.
  • Scrapbook: Fantasy Land closing: Room 202 table.
  • Scrapbook: Tokaezuka construction accident: Room 305 table.
  • Scrapbook: Hotel blueprints: 1F office desk drawer.
  • Scrapbook: Tokaezuka’s Ground-breaking ceremony: 1F office desk drawer.


While I can understand why I shouldn’t be able to take everything I find, the fact I couldn’t even examine the stepladder until an event was triggered is annoying. For all I knew it was a background object.

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