Pacify – Map of the House in Woods

A simplistic version of the house in the map Woods.

The House Map (Woods)


I put dots on the map to indicate different items in the house:

  • Red: Note locations (For achievement).
  • Blue: Possible key locations.
  • Green: Witch hair locations.
  • Gray areas: indicate floor changes.

First Floor

After entering the main entrance you can turn left immediately and find it on the table.

After entering the main entrance head right and find it the note on one of the tables.

Next to the door close to the second note there’s a shelf with a note on top.

On the left side of the house there’s a kitchen, the note is at one of the ends of it.

This one is in the kitchen close to the door.

Next to the kitchen you’ll find a dining room, this one is on one of the big tables.

In the dining room there’s a little table next to the bigger tables you’ll find a note there.

The last one on the first floor is at the other big table in the dining room.

Second Floor

There’s a door to the left after entering the second floor, it will lead you to a bed with a note.

Next to the previous note there’s a chair in a corner with a note on it.

Next to the chair there’s a door that leads to a bathroom, the note is on top of the toilet tank.

After exiting the bathroom go straightforward, there’s a table with a note on top of it.

The other bathroom is on the lower right corner of the map, the note is again on top of one of the toilet tanks.

Just like in number 12, exit that bathroom and head straight to find the note on a table.

Next to the table there’s a door, the note is on the chair.

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