Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Sister of Thorn Build (Bleed for the Blood God)

Please note: all credit goes to Leine!

A build that has enough unique interactions that I believe it’s worth documenting.

Guide to Sister of Thorn Build

A Murder of Sprites

More damage, don’t think about it too much.

A Sustenance of Leechlings

This passive makes it essentially impossible for you to die to chip damage and only leaves you vulnerable to overheads.

“Full Health” includes temporary health and is based off current maximum health so if you pick up grims it still works same with the other attack speed talent.

This effect is extremely powerful regardless of what temporary health talent your party members are running as long as they’re running a temporary health talent.

Don’t think about it too much.

Is effected by An Attendance of Munificents.

An Attendance of Munificents

Boon of Shallya for the entire party, presumably stacks.

The Weapon

Pierces everything, melee attacks are extremely powerful, endless amo, only 3 shots before you need to reload, essentially a needle. The 6th hit in the light attack chain does bleed damage.

Bread and butter for this build.

Talent 1

The other passives really just aren’t that great and you’re likely going to get more temporary health from this passive than the other one.

Effected by An Attendance of Munificents (25% Increased Healing).

Talent 2

A not so great passive that turns into a 100% uptime 15% power buff in this build.

Talent 3

More power for the javelin.

Talent 4

Nothing really compares to this talent especially in this build.

Talent 5

3 guaranteed Critical Strikes each time you use Thornwake, stacks endlessly and does not expire.

Essential for this build despite the other talents being fairly decent.

Talent 6

This is the only talent makes spamming Thornwake during purple potion useful.

Very good for squishing everything up if not outright killing whatever you hit.

The stagger effect is still there which will allow you to use it offensively and defensively.

This staggers everything, monsters and bosses included.

No one should ever get grabbed by a monster or boss with a SoT in your party.

Trait 1

Essential for the build, other traits are better if you’re not going to follow this exact build.

Makes it so you never have to reload the javelin as long as you hit something and it is a crit.

Trait 2

Purple potion go brrrr.

Trait 3

This makes Isha’s Bounty have an uptime of 100%, also not a bad trait by itself.

The Result

At the end what you should get is the ability to fire 6 shots of javelin with 1 ult use, 9 with 2 ult use, and 12 with 3 ult use without having to reload your javelin all guaranteed criticals, essentially allowing you to trivialize patrols.

Using a purple potion with decanter will allow you to get upwards of 26+ guaranteed criticals hits which you can use for 26 javelin shots or to use with melee javelin hits.

The burst in this build can be enhanced further by replacing Isha’s Bounty with Atharti’s Delight making every hit bleed.

Optional Talent

Adds bleeding to your critical hits, more burst to your throwing in theory havn’t done the testing against the 15% additional power from Isha’s bounty, someone doing the math would be great.

Can be useful for guaranteeing the Swift Slaying Trait on weapons with low crit.

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