Red Solstice 2: Survivors – Heavy Support Builds

Guide to Heavy Support Builds


  • Primary Role – Crowd Control.
  • Secondary Role – DPS.
  • Alternate Role – Biomass Control/Support.


The heavy support is a pretty flexible role. It can deal a lot of damage. It can do a lot of suppression (bonus damage for friendlies and move speed penalties for the mobs) It has a lot of different variations that can work, some of these classes are complex and I’ll mostly be going over what I enjoy.

First Build

  • 7 Points and you get to play heavy!
  • Wired armor is your friend.

Dakka Build

  • This is about Full Dakka
  • This build is worthless if you don’t put 5 points into stabilizer and manual fire
  • 1 point into wired armor for free bullets.

Advanced Builds

AceAceBaby Build

  • High crit stacking potential.
  • Pairs very well with a recon to decrease kinetic resistance.
  • Somewhat ammo Efficient.
  • Shots go boom as well?
  • Stonewall level 5 is a boss killer.

Biomass clear/ Leader

  • Ability to turn on auto aim and stare at map and team positioning to coordinate.
  • 1 point into rocket manufacture to hunt down biomass.
  • 5 points in shoulder turret + auto aim does wonders for killing things.
  • 1 point into ammo link means more than 50% less time spent reloading.

AutoAim King

  • Put points into HLSF and stay near team.
  • Turn on Auto Aim.
  • Profit

You can really use whatever build you want, Mini gun would benefit from wired and stabilizer.



Smoke Grenade

  • Uhh I don’t know why you would, but i guess you can?


  • This one is pretty good against bigger mobs, helps keep them supressed and get them supressed


  • This is a team buff that increases your whole teams auto aim ability.

Shoulder Turrets

  • Overall a decent modules, It helps with trash mobs and ammo saving early.

Critical Hit

  • Low energy cots, I usually dont put to many points here but if your going crit stacking.

Heavy Weapons

  • Low Suit energy cost, I tend not to play with it too much, can be combo’d pretty effectively with wired armor for RPM increase without eating energy

Supressive Fire

  • I tend not to use this because it eats ammo like crazy, I foresee this being a boss killer combo, between this and Stonewall.

Targeting Systems

  • Strong option for a second for a buff focused heavy. Activate this when the dogs start rolling in.


  • This one gives a huge dps boost when active at the cost of movement speed and energy. Be careful and make sure your team has your back.

Battle Drone

  • This guy can grind down bosses and clear trash mobs, If you don’t want to focus on a heavy weapon but still want to have some good burst damage this guy is worth playing with.

Rocket Ammo

  • Click every minute for trash clear or Biomass control.

Wired Ammunition

  • Free bullets, more points more DAKKA.


  • Makes bullets shoot straighter and crit harder.

Ammunition Link

  • 1 point reduces spent time reloading by over 50% whats not to love. Other bonuses too…


  • Double Post.


  • Spooky Fun. Might be useful, havent Really used it.

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