Rounds – Cards Tier List

This guide showing the tiers of cards, from the top tiers to low tier trash, regardless of their rarity in-game. Use this guide to make informed decisions on what cards you want, or just to have a fun read learning about what cards there are.

List of Cards Tiers

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High-Grade (S)

High Grades are cards that are excellent in and against almost every build . If these show up, your probably going to pick them.

Careful Planning

Double damage for a moderate attack delay and reload time, if used right this can be deadly.


The go-to for high damage, one-shots most builds and when paired with other cards it can create literal nukes.


Probably one of the best cards in the game, you have no reason not to use this unless something specific you want shows up.

Demonic Pact

Although prolonged use effectively reduces your HP to 1, it won’t outright kill you, a fair price to pay for nigh-infinite ammo and attack speed.


A noobs favorite card, although for good reason which is made obvious as soon as you use it.


Overlooked and underrated, this card has a similiar effect to parasite but is effective with ALL damage.


Increase your HP, Damage, and slowly suck the life out of your opponent, all for a price of barely increased reload time. I’ll take your entire stock!


Just a straight HP upgrade with no downsides.

Wind up

This is what you get if you combine careful planning and quick shot. Use this with combine for a deadly combo.


Seems underwhelming, but with the nature of the game receiving a full mag after doing damage can mean the win or loss of a game.

Near-High Grade (A)

Near-High Grades are cards that are almost at the point of High Grade, but usually have a caveat or just don’t provide the same oomph as High grades unless stacked or paired with other cards.


A decent upgrading to your blocking capabilities, which goes nicely with other cards.


This card seems like it’d be the cream of the crop, but in reality its really only as good as the cards you pair it with. Still not a bad choice though.

Explosive Bullet

This is exactly what it seems like, take it if you like thing go boom.


This turns your gun into a sniper rifle, pair this with increased damage cards to give your opponent a nice 50 BMG round to the skull.


Used correctly, this card can turn you into a menace. Shoot up in the air and rain down artillery!


A worse version of Huge. Although it provides %20 more HP, the lower ATKSPD and increased reload time bring it down.


A downgrade of Parasite.

Quick Reload

Significantly reduced reload time, no reason not to use this.

Quick Shot

A less powerful version of Fastball.

Shield Charge

A very fun movement card. Paired with another block-based ability, you can rush down enemies.


Dangerous if used right, use this to blow enemies off the map or get an aggressive opponent away from you.


Similar to parasite and leech, except you just need to be near the opponent to steal their HP.

Toxic Cloud

A lethal AOE affect wherever your bullets strike, keep in mind this carries over to bullets that bounce too.

Upper-Mid Grade (B)

Cards that are generally most effective only when paired with something else. You would probably take one of these if you’re building something specific, or if no Near or High Grade cards present themselves.


Turns your gun into an UZI, my personal favorite pairing is with poison or parasite, to create a lethal rain.


Underwhelming on its own, but effectively doubles your block. Pair this with other block-based cards.

Glass Cannon

A decent damage-based card, but this one is pretty self explanatory. You get one-shot by almost everything.


This is the bog standard block-enhance card. Punish opponents who get too close.


A personal favorite, but it really isn’t that great unless paired with something like chase or taste of blood.


The ultimate “♥♥♥ you” card. Use this if you want to rush someone or keep someone from rushing you. Keep in mind you need to get pretty close to use this.


Another decent block card. This will slow, bog down, and damage opponents.


Pretty much a downgrade of Homing, this can be deadly if used with a speed enhancer card. Can be deadly to yourself if you’re careless.

Timed Detonation

A downgrade of explosive bullet.


You think this would be OP at a first glance, however the damage given is pretty fair and the fact that damage increases the closer you are means you have to hug your opponent. Paired with leech this is pretty fun.

Steady Shot

Similar to Quick Shot, but with this you get a slight HP boost.

Mid-Grade (C)

“Meh” cards. Like Upper-mid tiers, you’d only take one of these if you needed to build something specific, but unlike Upper-mid tiers these cards generally don’t do much on their own to give you any significant advantage beyond a slight game or play-style change.

Big Bullet

Use this if for some reason your shots aren’t hitting, noob.


Nothing special.


At first glance this seems decent, but it’s very situational and can be countered easily by a smart player.


Worse version of Spray.


Decent when paired with the right cards, but just average by itself.

Chilling Presence

Only good with cards where you need to stay near your opponent for long periods of time like with Radiance, Lifestealer, and Saw.

Drill Ammo

The fact that the bullets slow to a crawl when piercing through objects is what brings this down to C tier.

Fast Forward

Pretty decent, but incredibly boring. You’ll probably take something else if you’re trying to have fun.


Can be fun to flood enemies with a river of attacks, but you can really only do that with cards like Spray.

Taste of Blood

Like chase, this is good when you need to stay near your opponent, but you have to damage them first. Pair this with Radiance, Lifestealer, or Saw.

Low-Grade (D)

Cards that don’t offer any great advantage, and can sometimes be negated entirely if not used correctly, or if the opposing player has a build which counters yours. These kind of just suck in general, even if some of them are pretty fun to use.


You’ll probably end up killing yourself before you kill the enemy.


In rare circumstances you can force opponents into unintentional suicide, but this one is pretty easily countered.


Worse version of Shield Charge. Despite being able to go through certain objects and surprise the opponent, you probably could’ve chosen something better.

Tactical Reload

Boring and inconsequential.

Shields Up

You won’t even remember that you have it.


You think this would be extremely overpowered, but in reality it isn’t all that hard to block or dodge an attack that’s flying at 5/mph. And that’s even if you actually have the skill to aim it right.

Radar Shot

Only good early game, and even then it isn’t all that good.


You’ll probably end up killing yourself before you kill the enemy.


Has a cool effect, but you need to hit the enemy first and even then it can still be countered just by blocking


Only good if stacked or paired with other block- based abilities. Trash by itself.

Abyssal Countdown

This card is presented as if you just unlocked god mode, but its actually pretty terrible. It’s insanely long wind up time guarantees a player will rush you down before it can activate, and standing still isn’t exactly the best strategy.

Frost Slam

Worse version of Chilling Presence. Also block-based.


This can turn you into a monster with block enhancers like echo and shield charge, but it can be countered so frequently that you might as well take something else when fighting a strong opponent who will rip your nuts off.

Bottom-Grade (F)

Cards you have no reason to use. You’d see mostly noobs picking cards like these, whether just because they seem attractive or because they haven’t been exposed to all the cards yet. Take one of these if you like losing.


If you want bouncy bullets, wait until Bouncy or Mayhem show up. Don’t waste a slot on this.


You won’t even remember you have it.


This sounds overpowered, but in reality all this does it let you get one-shotted twice in the same round like the dogwater noob you are. Get gud.


You have no reason to use this.

Healing Field

Probably the easiest card to counter, all this does it drag out matches. Only noobs use this.

Cold Bullets

Use Chilling Presence or Frost Slam.




You used this once because you thought “OoO Shotgun!”, then you never touched it again. because its ass.

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  1. i think u can get really good with some of these cards which make this specific guide not as relevant to some players like me. This can be used for you or any new person to the game, however it really depends what cards the player gets good at faster and if they are really good with some of them like buckshot or mayhem.

  2. Phoenix is actually good either that or my friend is absolute dogshit at the game cause he hates it so much he blacklisted it with the mods we have

  3. I really like pairing target bounce with extra bullets like burst and barrage, extra bounces like mayhem, and extra bullet speed. You can kill people who are behind cover and really far away. Incredibly hard to dodge

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