State of Decay 2 – Daybreak Basic Guide

Keep losing at wave 1 (somehow) or just have trouble winning in daybreak? This is for you.

Basics to Daybreak

All credit goes to bakedonion!

Guns and Ammo Conservement

When playing daybreak, its always a good idea to conserve ammo. Examples of ammo conservement are:

  • Only using guns on special infected (bloater, feral, juggernaut).
  • Recently, use your secondary instead of your primary for bloaters and ferals.

These will make sure you dont waste your ammo on the hordes of zombies, zeds, deadheads, whatever you call em.

Gun basics

  • Don’t waste ammo on normal infected.
  • Always headshot ferals and juggernauts. Bloaters dont matter as they are 1 shot in any way.
  • Stay Medium- Long range from bloaters as their clouds last a long time and you’re putting yourself at risk by being at close range shooting them.
  • If you truely need to, use gunfire on normal infected. This is for when you are seriously low and need to run to your nearest escape wall.

Melee Combat Basics

When fighting your normal infected/ specials, do or do not do the following:


  • Get behind zombies as much as possible and instant killing them.
  • Do the same for zombies attacking the walls.
  • Take advantage of those clumsy zombies falling when trying to attack you.

Do not

  • Attack bloaters with melee, you’re wasting your characters health and everything else because you’re stupid, guns are for bloaters.
  • Attack ferals with melee, chances are you’ll die trying rather than killing it, guns are for ferals.
  • Use melee on juggernauts, you will never win those fights, guns are for juggernauts always.

Grenades and Throwable Equipment Usage

When using your grenades, firebombs, remote grenades, whatever, you always need to make sure you arent wasting them. Here are do’s and don’ts for throwables.


  • Use them on big hordes attacking walls.
  • Use them for temporary area denial.
  • Use them on recently breached walls and they’ve started getting in.
  • Use remote grenades for breached wall traps, blowing them up when they’ve started entering.

Do not

  • Use firebombs near teammates, It sets them on fire and does mass damage to them.
  • Use firebombs near yourself, Sets yourself and anyone else on fire and does mass damage.
  • Use firebombs near the technician, it sets them on fire and plus, they’re already getting mauled to death by the zombies anyways.
  • Use remote grenades near the technician, they go boom boom.
  • Use remote grenades near walls with 1-6 infected slamming their dead palms into the wall, just use your instant stealth kill.

I didnt add this earlier, but do not use firebombs on juggernauts, its self explainable as they cannot get set on fire.

Gun Types

  • These are for the about 3 gun types and the cleo pistol.
  • The AR: This is an AR. Should only be put on burst/ auto if dealing with juggernauts. Headshots important.
  • The DMR: Its a DMR. Semi auto only, same rules apply.
  • The Shotgun: its a shotgun, short range, not to be used for bloaters in most cases, good for up close targets
  • The Pistol: This pistol is suprisingly useful for medium- long range, as its spread can compensate for you missing most times, really good for bloaters and ferals. Not good for juggernauts.


  • Teamwork is always important in daybreak. Doing it alone is not reccomended as not even 4 people can do daybreak. This is specified for 4 players.
  • If the 3 of your other teammates are working on the juggernaut(s) then you should be focusing on the others. Sure, if you’re all focusing on the juggernaut youll get it done faster, but then the other zombies can breach the walls and kill the technician that didnt deserve that at all.
  • Support your team, If you notice one of your teammates characters is saying that theyre hurt, support them so they can fall back and hopefully not be dumb.
  • Aid your teammates in stealth killing zombies at walls. It’ll run faster that way.
  • And if your teammate dies and does the stop drop and roll technique, make sure to give them a nice “welcome to the world, now infected teammate!” with giving them a greeting into the world by popping their new deadhead brain with zombie killer, aka lead.
  • Dont be afraid to take some of their stuff, too. Im sure their corpse wouldnt mind, plus they respawn with a good bit of that back with their new character.

Bonus: Wall Guide and Wave End Preparement

When dealing with those pesky infected slapping those walls like no tommorow, after youve killed them and the wave has ended. Do the 3 R’s.

  • Regroup, Replenish, Repair.
  • Regroup – Regroup to go and get those cleo drops. Always contain good stuff.
  • Replenish – Replenish health and stamina.
  • Repair – Repair all walls.
  • Repair Guide – Only repair walls in red or orange condition, if you do it on yellow walls, youre wasting a good kit that you could have used later.


  • I hope this guide helped and got you to wave 3 and over, because yeah.
  • Be careful still, you arent invincible, Dont worry about that blood plague, you’ll always get a new character.
  • Heal that tech, He’ll appreciate his vicious scratches, bruises, and burns soothed with one bandage that does all of that in one.
  • Have fun in daybreak, hopefully living longer and not leaving yourself clueless on what to do.
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