State of Decay 2 – Definitive Guide to Community Build

Please note: All credit goes to Officer Pedro Álvarez!

It tooks 103 days in-game to build this nearly to perfect community.

Best Community Build

The Company’s History

Short History About It

This community was founded after i’ve completed four maps with four types of leaders. Although there’s abundant of survivors managed to get themselves inside the legacy pool, i have selected four characters from the legacy pools which is the original four survivors from the tutorial map at Providence Ridge. They are Roadie, Kyleah, Santana and Natasha.

As a cohesive small group, they founded The Company. At first the legacy pool only allowed three survivors to be selected as next playable character, but thanks to CE (Community Editor) i managed to bring the 4th survivor inside my community.

The motto of this group is simple: “For The Community”.

As a decent group member, we care for the best of our community first, prioritize our own survival rather than other enclave.

What Is The Company?

The Company is a private trading venture, establishing a vast network of trade. Trade products including weapons, beers and even tobacco.

At first The Company’s capacity was only 10 people, which included 3 early survivors, 4 random person we found and recruited and another 3 former surviving soldiers joined alongside us.

Right now we have a total of 15 members, adding the 4th survivor from the tutorial, a Heartland character, 2 Red Talon Operators and a person from the final builder’s legacy mission.

While building this community, a significant usage of CE (Community Editor) were involved but it was for appearance merely. Only certain stats and traits were changed to encourage more immersion. Moreover the game will not be fun and challenging if i just cheese it too much.

The Company Insignia

  • The Trader: represents the current leader of our community.
  • The Sheriff Hat: represents our community’s decision when it comes to other enclave decisions, we encourage peace and proper resolutions rather than resorting to violence. Violence were only use on self-defense and if it’s just final choice.
  • The Sword: represents the community member’s standard issued melee, majority of the community were issued with bladed-type melee weapon.

Meet The Community Members

1. Darryl “Roadie” Payne (The Leader)

One of the original survivors from the tutorial, Darryl is a younger brother of Kyleah Payne. Both of them were escaping to Osprey Refugee Camp only to find it was abandoned. Journeying through the camp they managed to find Santana and Natasha. With them they headed out to the nearby map to settle in and survive. The relationship between both of them were so closed that they promise each other to keep themselves alive no matter what. As a caravan mechanic, Roadie are experts in weapons and attachments crafting alongside weapon’s maintainance. As a trader also, he have conducted numerous amount of trade network ranging from the humid valley of Providence Ridge to the mountainous plateau of Drucker County. However he have decided that The Company’s base should be set in the Meagher Valley because of its flat terrain for easy traverse and strategic bases option.

He’s equipping himself with a brand new M4 CQBR Mob Stopper as primary weapon and Skorpion 61 as his secondary. He’s also use Barbed Wire Bat as his melee weapon.

2. Kyleah Payne (The Underboss)

One of the original survivors from the tutorial, Kyleah is Darryl’s older sister. Together alongside Santana and Natasha, they escape into Providence Ridge. Although Kyleah was a little bit careless when it comes to scavenging and fighting the undead, she still manage to survive because she was tough. As the second in-command, she provided electricity and water to the community, furthermore, she introduced the usage of Hydroponics into our community as an alternatives to overcome space situations.

She’s been issued with M4 CQBR Mob Stopper as primary weapon and G34 FDE as sidearm. She’s also use High Angle Rescue Hatchet as melee weapon.

3. Dr Eliseo Santana (The Undead Powerhouse)

One of the original survivors from the tutorial, he alongside Natasha and Payne siblings escaped the Camp Osprey. He’s also the most overpowered character in this community. Santana is responsible for acquiring two Lethal Zone Boons which is Amenities and Favours, means that Santana have fight his way through the absolute suicide attempts with nothing but C4’s, plague cures, some scentblocks and even drone strikes. As a medical professional, Santana provide medical assistance to the community alongside pathology research when it comes to biochemical weapons. Santana also lead the base defense when it comes to sieges with his trusty M99X1 Timberwolf as primary weapon and Restored Echo S-1 Revolver as sidearm, he’s also utilized High Angle Rescue Hatchet as his melee weapon.

4. Marquis Rafferty (The Hardworking Labour)

One of the earliest members of The Company, he was former member of The Boon Trader which we recruit him. Marquis was an ex-security guard at a bank. Although he never fired a shot before, the apocalypse soon changed him. As an expert in Construction, Marquis is in charge when it comes to buildings, facilities maintainance and material-making including carpenting and craftmanship. Though his skill are not honed but more to hardworking learning, hence his nickname. Marquis presence alone pose a threat towards the undead because he’s a powerhouse himself, once goes toe to toe against a humongous Juggernaut with nothing but heavy weapon, He armed himself with a brand new, Trumbull Valley’s own FAL as primary and F45 Tactical as secondary alongside Big Daddy Skillet as his melee weapon.

5. Rahim Zein (The Lifesaver)

As a survivor of 9/11 incident, Rahim assured himself that he need to save himself in order to save others. Although his life full of traumas, he found joy where he unexpected it. Even as a Muslim, Rahim was well loved by other members especially Allie. As an expert in Cuisine, Rahim will make sure that The Company have high morale and well-fed. Rahim becomes Allie’s boyfriend when they always goes on scavenging together most of the time and there’s twice where Allie find some boxes of seeds (no pun intended) as a gift for Rahim. Since Rahim have a good reflexes and quite a marathon he is, he equipped himself with SPAS-12 as his main gun and Czech M8 as his backup gun. He’s also use Armorer’s Wrench as his melee weapon.

6. Courtney Beck (The Pyrowizard)

Beck was recruited into our ranks when her former group, The Boozehounds were disbanded. Once a high school teacher, the jobs crap, the payments crap but she enjoyed her work nonetheless. She thought when zombie apocalypse first hit, being a useless teacher will ended her. What she doesn’t realize was she’s teaching Chemistry. As a Chemistry expert, she take care of our ammunitions and explosives. She’s handy when it comes to fuel bombs, pipe bombs, traps, mines and many things more. She use Barrow Style BAR as main rifle and Sawed Off 1887 as secondary. Other than that, she’s using Bastard Of Belleau Wood as melee weapon.

7. Bill Cosby (The Eccentric)

We randomly found Bill injured in an abandoned farm and in need of medical attention, but we also decided to take him in. Bill is quite eccentric when it comes to popular culture when he want to roleplay as “Gentlemen Cadaver” but one thing cannot deny about Bill is he’s very good with plants. Bill make sure that the crops he grow will be in fresh and pristine condition. Since Bill have eccentric taste, he’s using Model 94 Seabass Rifle for primary and Model 1875 Fuorilegge as sidearm. He’s also use the brand new Souvenir Caveman Club as a heavy melee.

8. Alexander “Alexston” Kingston (The Watchful Stuntman)

The oldest member in The Company, Alexston was well respected among other group members and was seen as an old guy in the pack. Even in his old age, Alexston never cease to learn something new in order to survive in this new harsh world. Alexston was an expert in electronics especially when it comes to bomb-making which is crucial to take out Plague Heart or even set traps for hostile enclaves. Alexston also provide recon for the scout team upon scavenging. Alexston used SWAT 416 as his main primary and Police Golden Vulture .44 as his sidearm. He’s also quite skilled with his Monogear Axe.

9. Kayla Davis (The Heavy Machinnery)

Stationed at army base in Europe, she had to return back when the outbreak starts. Then she managed to stay along with Alexston and Allie as a group before joining The Company. As an army motor pool, she’s an expert when it comes to automechanics, Davis full of joy once when we decided to build an autoshop just for her. Since she’s used to operate with heavy equipment, she’s been issued with the bulky B50FG, as terryfying display of power especially for home defense purpose. With her, F45 Tactical as a backup gun in case she’s stuck in CQB situation, but it didnt matter at all since she’s a CQB expert with Echo X3 Karambit Knife.

Meet Another Community Members

10. Allison “Allie” Winchester (The Eagle Eyed)

Don’t mess with Rahim’s girlfriend. She’s a skilled sniper in Afghanistan and former spotter for the legendary “Eagle Eye”. She’s excel in CQB combat and score one of the highest killcounts of juggernauts in The Company with the tally of 67 Killshots. Allie will provide sniper support if requested. Don’t worry, she got your back, especially you Rahim. Although she’s an American sniper, she prefer to use russian rifle which is the SVD for primary and Skorpion 61 as her backup CQB gun. She’s using her Police Knife as a last resort of offense.

11. Sarah “Natasha” Portnova (The Sherlock Sheriff)

Thanks to CE (Community Editor) i can brought her back from the legacy pool into my community. They been together at first, so it would be fair for them to stick forever. Natasha was a russian woman with American citizenship volunteering in the army when the outbreak hits, Kyleah will never forget that Natasha save her from getting bite from a horde of zombies during their escape at Camp Osprey. Natasha also a Nutritionist thanks to the books she’s study with. Since she’s in the army, she made sure that The Company using sleeping with proper shifts, making sure there’s enough beds for everyone. Although a russian gal, she adore American-made weapons especially classic collection of World War 2. She’s using the rare Gangland Strad, which is a modified Thompson SMG with drum magazine and Surplus M1911 as her sidearm. She’s also handy with Tankhammer as her melee weapon.

12. Callaghan “Boozer” O’Donnell (The Brewrista)

Boozer seeks refugee in The Company back when Santana were in charge. Many come by but we picked Boozer because she’s offered her skills as a bartender which is crucial for us at that time. Upon joining The Company, Boozer shows very good cooperation and support towards us. Also she had a playful demeanor among our ranks, at least it’s easen up our stress. Boozer was equipped with an exceptional weapon, sold by Sergeant Joaquin Chavez, the MCX Osprey RT and MAC11 Jaw Breaker as her sidearm. She’s also used Sweet Spot Bat as her melee weapon.

13. Deacon “Deeks” St John. (The Heavy Response)

Appointed as an operator from Red Talon, Deeks soon became our one of the most valuable asset in The Company. Him along his fellow Red Talon operator, Runner, they’ve been assigned as Scout Team, performing reconnaisance at a high vantage point, high value target elimination and even crowd control. Deeks also experienced when up against hostile human beings, being an exceptional shooter on crack. Deeks been issued with FAL as primary weapon and Surplus M1911 as sidearm. He’s also used Bastard Of Belleau Wood as his melee weapon. When up against dangerous threats and in need of heavy response presence, send Deeks (no pun intended).

14. Maria “Runner” Martinez (The Light Response)

She’s quite unique because upon hiring her, i recognized that she don’t have any 5th skill which is a win for me since i can assign her with any skills i want. At that time, my community was desperately need for heavy immediate firepower, so i decided to made her learn Programming to unlock recon drone and attack drone. Although she’s only have Red Talon Basic Training, she’s proven very useful, especially she can run endlessly without losing stamina, making her perfect for hit and run scavenging, short missions and even errands without needing any vehicles. Since she’s lightweight, she’s only issued with G34 when she’s in field and Bastard Of Belleau Wood for melee weapon. She’s only issued with M590A1 Shotgun when she’s not on active duty. Even so she’s still lightweight and could sprint even with full load of supplies on her back.

15. Isabella “IzzBee” Reyes (The Helpful Hacker)

The waifu, the only lewdable errr i mean loveable character in the game, featuring in Heartland and Homecoming update. Since i fantasized about IzzBee while playing this game, i replace an additional no-name peeps i have into IzzBee herself because i can, piss off. Her stats are exactly the same in the game except for Cardio and Fighting because she would die with that suck stats. Her machine learning definitely help us with the radio cooldowns making drone strike, artillery strike, sniper support, recon drone and even normal recon faster. Her crowdsourcing also granted us an additional slot of outpost making the total i have currently right now are seven (could be eight if i have RT soldier with hacking skills). Since she’s have a small body figure, she’s using small weight guns such as AKS-74U and G34 alongside Shriek Knife as her CQB weapon.

The Company Vehicles

Type TB Recon Vehicle

Used by The Company to perform quick errands, extraction mission and travel top speed in a clear road.

  • Strength: easy handling, relatively fast and good fuel consumption.
  • Weakness: low armor protection, rendering hiding behind it for cover a bad idea.

Type MT Assault Vehicle

Utilized by The Company as the main means of offense. Works as a transport vehicle to drop troops and even can be used as a combat vehicle if someone climb at the cargo, manning a rifle with high-capacity magazine.

  • Strength: good armor protection, adequate speed and decent handling.
  • Weakness: required continuos repairs and refueling.

Type BB Siege Vehicle

The Company produce such a massive monstrosity to counter ever growing zombie threats. Type BB Siege Vehicle is just like Type MT, but featuring a heavy duty plows attach in front of it and much more refined armor.

  • Strength: massive armor protection, acceptable speed and handling.
  • Weakness: required even more continuos repairs and refueling as it consume more fuel and require much more finer repair tools upon damaged.

Type V Caravan

The Company salvaged any destroyed cargo van and remodel it with any available vehicle parts to create a usefull asset for the community, Type V is slow but hard-hitting and provide huge inventory space, however it’s very slow and needed protection from other members. Usually when i driving it, two of my clanmates will escort me with a Type MT, engaging any enemies nearby.

  • Strength: huge inventory space and good armor.
  • Weakness: Slow, bad handling, require escort when driving this.

The Community Role

The Leaders: main people who lead the entire community, their decision will affect the whole group.

The Scouts: goes scavenging, scouting a point of interest and even perform offense mission much more frequently rather than other people.

The Vanguards: provide offensive support for the scout team including sniper, recon, drone and CLEO drone strike.

The Logistics And Supports: provide even more supports such as emergency extraction vehicles, artillery strikes, drone strikes and supply drops.

The Producers: produce essentials and products for the community either for own use or even as a form of trading items.

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