LEGO Worlds – How Trading Works

The night trader comes every night! This is the guide to trading.

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About the Night Trader

The Night trader is a part of the game. Every night, she comes down in her hot air balloon, looking for fellow travelers.

Locating the Night Trader

The Night trader is pretty hard to find, since she either arrives at a different spot or doesn’t come at all. However, she can be indicated by a light blue radar dot that spawns in the minimap.


Items that are up for trade change every night. To trade with her, press E (or the interact key to your control preferences). Then you are then able to select an item for sale then begin!

LEGO Worlds - How Trading Works

Number above Items

If there is a number above an item during trading, this means that the Night trader has multiple amounts of that item and you can buy that amount of the item.

Special Items

So far, the only special items tradeable are gold bricks and extra hearts, with each having the same price of studs.

  • Gold Brick – Get one gold brick.
  • Extra Heart – Get one permanent extra heart. There are a max of max hearts. 

Trading for the first time gets you an achievement!


Don’t want an item? She can buy any item from you (except for the camera, block gun, lantern, and jet pack). All items can be sold for studs!

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