The Journey Down – Walkthrough (Chapter Three)

Exploring the Underland

Take a cactus out of the backpack
Enter the giant mouth

Pop the fungus Kito is bouncing on with the cactus, get the machete
Go back outside

Clear the monolith of vines with the machete
Look at the hieroglyphs
Take the vines
Enter the giant mouth

Open the crate
Attach the vines to the crate
Pick up the deflated fungus
Use the fungus on the crate with vines
Press the “button” on the gate to the right

Touch the pedestal

Take a look at the roots, get petrified root
Open the gate with your machete
Enter the building

Go past Lina to the balcony
Throw the petrified root on the ground
Go back down

Pick up the root crystals
Enter the building

Put the root crystals in the generator

Decryption #1: Top, right, left, bottom
Decryption #2: Left bottom/right top, left second from top/right second from bottom, left top/right bottom, left second from bottom/right second from top

Get microfilm
Hit the switch left of the bucket chain

Looking for Professor Moorhead

Pick up the airhorn from the table
Go up the stairs and to the left
Get off the train at Sankara Square

Go down the stairs on the left
Go “North” on the market square

Talk to Gabi, “You know a professor Moorhead?”
Talk to the camera man
Honk at the camera man with the airhorn

Get the camera, hook it up to the cable on the right
Put the microfilm in the camera

Go closer to the entrance of the university
Pull down the fire escape
Climb the ladder

Go right
Search the mailbox, the 22nd of March was exactly one week after the break in
Enter the office
Pick up the clock from the floor, stopped at 6:42
Go back the way you came

Look at the CCTV machine
Put in 15 MAR 6:42 (am)
Press the forward/reverse button at the bottom, get a printout
Go to the train station, get off at Canal

Show the polaroid to Waasi
Enter the tunnel next to the big truck

Open the box, take the jackhammer out of it
Back to the main room, up the stairs, and to the train station
Get off at Downtown

Cross the street in the background
Either ask Rose about the Bozi brothers or just go through the door next to her

Pick up the gas can, it’s empty
Open the door

Go back to the train station
Get off at Canal

Use the gas can on the wrecked car, then push it
Take the filled gas can
Put the fuel in the jackhammer
Go back to the train station
Get off at Downtown

Use the jackhammer on the “GAME OVER” arcade machine
Pick up quarters from the ground
Cross the street in the background

Put quarters in all four washing machines
Enter the building

Go through the open door

The Three Trials

Go to Kito, lying under the truck
He needs a battery
Back to the table, ask what they need
They want a Power Company licence plate
Talk to Bombshell
You have to get her a remote detonator

Take a box of firecrackers from the wall behind Bombshell
Go to the train station
Get off at downtown
Enter the apartment where the professor was held captive, go to the balcony
Take the lighter out of the ashtray
Go to the train station
Get off at the university
Put the firecrackers in the open rear window of the police car
Use the lighter on them

Enter the university through the fire escape
Take a magnet from one of the boxes
Go back to the train station

Get off at Sankara Square
Standing next to the TV with the magnet in your inventory distorts the image
Attach the magnet to the TV
Take the cleaver
Play with the bunny on the counter until its battery is drained and you may take it
Chop its head off with the cleaver, get a battery
Go to the site of the protest

Put the battery in Pablo’s pocket
Get him to attack the riot police
Pick up the charged battery next to the crowd in the background

License plate
Get off at Downtown
Enter the apartment where the professor was held captive, go to the balcony
Loosen the air conditioner with the jackhammer

Go to the arcade
Remove the license plate with the jackhammer

Remote detonator
Get off at Downtown
Take a look at Rose’s satellite phone, twice
Enter the apartment where the professor was held captive
Take the stack of paper from the desk on the left
Go to train station
Get off at Sankara Square

Go down the stairs
Look at the fruit in the third box from the left, you get a sticker, “certificate of purity”
Go back to the train station

Get off at university
Enter the university through the fire escape
Go to Moorhead’s office

Put the paper in the copier
Put the certificate in the copier
Activate the machine
Take the copies
Go to the train station

Get off at Downtown
Give Rose the copied certificates
Take the satellite phone

Finish this part of the story

Get off the train at Canal
Give the battery to Kito, the phone to Bombshell, and the license plate to Waasi/Gabi

Escaping from the Sisulucopter

Ask Wothar for grub and eel rinse by clicking on the respective barrels
Throw the cup of eel rinse at the furnace while the grate does not cover the opening. If you fail just ask for another cup
Use the ladle of grub to reach for the keys
Unlock your cell door with them
Go up the stairs and then left

Grab the sword sticking in the chest
Try to take the parachute
Open the treasure chest, get a necklace and find a manifest
Go back down to the pit
Cut the rope on the right side with the sword, get a grappling gun
Go back up

Use the grappling gun on the hatch
Pick up the temple key next to Madame Sisulu
Lower the speaking tube
Go back down

Enter the plane, get its ID
Go left

Look up the ID in the manifest you found in the treasure chest
Go back to the throne room

Use the speaking tube, choose “the Flying Dagger”
Go back down

Board the plane

Getting the Horn

Click on the window next to Lina
Climb back up to the ship
Read the log book in the foreground
Take the mosquito repellant recipe from the last page
Pull the tassel on the left
Switch on the projector
Put the recipe inside
Climb back down

Ring the bell for Webster to bring a coconut
Take the coconut out of the fruit box
Search the left cupboard near Kaonandodo, get candy
Take the crackers from on top of the cupboard
Look at the photographs, grab the seashell
Help yourself to a tofu rat from the grill
Travel by boat to the waterfall

Get the crabs to crack the coconut, take it back
Travel to the temple

Pick the flowers on the right
Travel to the swamp

Try to go in
Throw the tofu rat at the swamp cobra
Pick up the scale left behind by the snake
Mix the mosquito repellant: Combine the coconut with the flower and the (mint) candy
Go into the swamp

Search the plane, get your grappling gun back
Travel to the temple

Feed the crackers to the birds
Pick up the feather
Use the temple key on the gate
Go up the stairs

Shoot the grappling gun at the far arc
Enter the temple
Place your offerings. From left to right: Seashell, feather, scale, necklace
Take the horn


Search the desk, get a voice recorder
Use the recorder on the terminal, recording the sounds and opening the door at the same time (can be done separately as well)
Go inside

Open the junction box
Cut the wires with the cleaver
Cut the microphone off of the recorder with the cleaver
Connect the microphone to the junction box
Use the recorder on the junction box

Place one bomb on each of the four generators

Combine the severed bunny head with the gas can
Put the firebomb down in front of the door
Light it up

Push the rubble aside
Open the power box
Remove the brackets
Open the hatch
Flip the switch, twice (so that it’s off again)
Go left

Pick up guitar and starter cables
Go back

Combine the starter cables with the connectors
Use the starter cables on Gabi
Flip the switch of the power box again
Take the detonator from Gabi
Look at the cassette
Plug the detonator into the guitar
Give the guitardonator to Waasi

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