The Last Spell – Econ Build Order Guide (on Normal through Apoc #2)

Please note: all credit goes to DBSmiley!

This guide will talk about econ-facing builder orders to set you up for a strong middle and late game. This will discuss builds up through night 4 (at which points, crafting preferences/needs make the build need to be more flexible).

Guide to Econ Build Order

50 gold start – hyper aggro economy

Build order

This build requires the following conditions:

  1. You must start with 50 gold or more (Tainted essence talents).
  2. You must have have no panic the first 3 nights (you do not have much room to spare).
  3. You will have to sell 20 gold worth of starting items (that is, trickets, legs, helms, chests) on Day 1.
  4. You will have to survive up to night 4 with:

  • No seer.
  • Only 3 heroes.
  • You can’t buy any items on Day 1 or 2.

After Night 1 with no panic.

Day 1

Starting gold 150 (50 starting + 100 reward for night 1).

  • Build gold Mine (Mine #1) [-45 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#1 with Production+ (10 > 25 gold production) [-40 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#1 with Mine+ (extra worker per day) [-25 gold].
  • Work Mine twice with 2 workers (+25 gold * 2).

Now, at this point, you should have 90 gold. Now comes the aggro part: sell up to 20 gold in items. DO NOT SALVAGE GOLD FROM THE MAP. The only way you can make this gold is selling items.

Once you have 110 gold:

  • Build a 2nd gold Mine (Mine #2) [-45 gold]
  • Upgrade Mine#2 with Production+ (10 > 25 gold production) [-40 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#2 with Mine+ (extra worker per day) [-25 gold].
  • Work Mine#2 twice with 2 workers (+25 gold * 2).

This should leave you with 50 gold (plus whatever is leftover from the selling) gold. Hold on to this.

End of Day 1.

Day 2

Starting gold (50 + 110 reward for night 2 + 50 from passive gold Mine production) = 210.

Use 4 workers on gold Mines (2 on Mine#1 and 2 on Mine#2) to get 100 gold. Do NOT upgrade either Mine before doing this.

You should have 310 gold at this point.

  • Upgrade Mine#1 with Production++ [-90 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#1 with Production+++ [-200 gold].

Note that we did not take Mine++! This was intentional.

End Day 2 with 20 gold.

Day 3

Starting gold should be at least 285 if you haven’t spent anything yet and managed zero panic.

  • Work Mine#1 and *only* Mine#1 twice [110 gold]
  • You should now have 395 gold.

  • Upgrade Mine#2 with Production++ [-90 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#2 with Production+++ [-200 gold].

Work Mine#2 twice [110 gold].

End of Day 3 – at this point, you should have 215 gold. Hold on to this for now. You will have to hold out Night 4 with your three heroes. You can buy items that will help you at this point, but do not buy any buildings (we will buy the Inn and the Seer tomorrow, as well as two Houses. You can buy those now if you want, but you won’t have enough workers to use the Seer or enough gold to buy a hero after you buy the inn).

Day 4

If you haven’t bot anything yet, and managed no panic on night 4, you should have 615 gold.

At this point, before anything else:

  • Upgrade Mine#1 with Mine++ [100 gold].
  • Buy a House (+2 workers) – this will be your third house.
  • Work Mine #1 3 times, and Mine#2 2 times (275 gold).

Now you can:

  • Buy a 4th house.
  • Buy the Inn and buy your 4th hero.
  • Buy the seer and push back the mist (which at this point will be uncomfortably close).

From there:

  • Build Mine#3 [-45 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#3 with Production+ [-40 gold].
  • Upgrade Mine#3 with Production++ [-90 gold].

This should leave you with anywhere from about 130-180 gold, depending on how expensive your hero is.

Day 5

At this point, money should be heavily in your favor. But prioritze:

  • Building House#5.
  • Giving Mine#2 – Mine++.

This early, you don’t need too many works, so you shouldn’t need to rush getting Mine#3 any of the worker upgrades. However, you should take Production+++ on Day 5 to get the passive gold generation.

Congrats, after Day 5, you passive generate 330 gold per turn without workers, and with workers can generate up to an additional 495 gold (that said, as the game evolves, your workers may become better spent crafting items or scavenging materials).

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