Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – All Tsukino’s Hiding Places

How to Find All Tsukino’s Hiding Places

Rutoh Village

The first time you enter Rutoh

Inside a barrel near the Village Elder.

Q: An Invisible Enemy

Hidden beside a bush near Catavan, disguised as a Catavan guide.

Q: The Villager’s Request

Near the Stables, as a Female Felyne NPC.

Q: A Stranger in Black (don’t speak to the Elder)

Behind the tree near Melynx Inc.

Kuan Village

Q: Next Stop, Kuan Village

Christmas tree, behind two Navirou’s fan club

Q: Cave Dweller/Mine Mayhem

Destroyed houses in the northern area as a snowman

Q: Soaring Bolt/Windmills and Lightning (don’t speak the villager)

In wall in house behind the Chief

Reward from Tsukino.

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