Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – S. Elder’s Lair / Super Fatalis Fight Guide

This is a Guide for S.Elder’s State is much harder as the normal Elder’s Laier. S.Elders State is the second State. This will then be unlocked the first time, when you have completed the story and this elder lair mode.

Guide to S. Elder’s Lair

S. Elder’s Lair / Super Fatalis Fight Guide

This new trial is exactly the same as the previous trials, the monsters are the same too.

  • Zone 1: fight against certain monsters.
  • Zone 2: Break monster parts.
  • Zone 3: weakness challenge. Monsters have more life points.
  • Zone 4: Break monster parts
  • Zone 5: Velkhana tactics are the same. Only this Velkhana has more life points and it can take over 40 rounds.
  • Zone 6: Break monster parts

Zone 7: this has now become trickier but still feasible

  • 7.1: Gravios = He is weak in water, so you need water element weapons and as a weapon sword for legs, as a partner I would use Cheval. He uses shield and sword. His rathian can burn and poison the enemy.
  • 7.2: Diablos = He is weak in the ice, so you need ice element weapons and as a weapon stump for horn, sword for the tail and bow for the legs. I think you would have to use bows.

I would recommend Kyle as a partner.

  • 7.3: Agnaktor + Bazelgeuse = This is the hardest part.

As a partner I highly recommend Reverto. The weapon necessarily has the great sword (water). Reverto should go to Bazelgeuse and you to Agnaktor. Then it should be doable. It took me 10 rounds to defeat both of them. The default was 20 laps.

Tip for Zone 8 + 9

Collect the Soulbonds completely for each of your monsters and gradually use it from 50% (better from 30%) of life.

Since you can’t see how much life the monster has, much if there is an action challenge, you will roughly know that it now has 50%. E.g. radiation launch, flight challenge, crash.

Zone 8 (who is looking for a real challenge. From here it really starts) / Use my tips)

1 and 2 is difficulty. 3-5 is easy.

  • Silverwind Nargaguca: Normal Modus = Tech / Rage Modus = Speed ( You need Avinia as a partner and a lot of ancient potion and vital potion.
  • Bloodbath Diablos: Normal Modus = Speed / Rage Modus = Force ( is the second most powerful in Zone 8).
  • Grimclaw Tigrex: Normal Modus = Force / Rage Modus = Speed (Tigrex is easy).
  • Dredqueen Rathian: Normal Modus = Tech / Rage Modus = Speed (Rathian is easy).
  • Thunderlord Zinogre: Normal Modus = Force / Rage Modus = Speed (Zinogre is easy, deafeat Thunderbug at first / Thunderbug use Speed).

Zone 9: (use my tipps after 50% Lifepoints, this Zone better 30% Lifepoints)

1-3 is the hardest. 3+5 is the easierst.

  • Rajang: Normal Modus =Force / Golden Modus Speed or Force, if he uses Force Power, he can use Force mode in spite of his anger. I would defend first to see if he is really using the power., (you need same like Silverwind Nargaguca. Alvinia and Potion). (Rajang Power is Amazing).
  • Kushala Daora: Normal Modus = Tech / Rage Modus = Foce/ Fly Modus = Speed (she is harder than Kirin).
  • Kirin: Normal (+Electric Charge) Modus:= Speed / Rage Modus = Tech( I think Kirin has Force Modus too, but i’m not sure).
  • Nergitante: He use Normal Modus = Tech / White sting Modus = Force / Rage Modus = Speed (He is easy).
  • Teostra: Normal Modus = Speed, / Rage Modus = Force / Fly Mode = Tech (he is easy).

Final State Zone 10: Fatalis or Super Fatalis:

  • First State: Speed Attack
  • After Hellish Flame = 2x Attack
  • After Sky Force = 2x Speedattack
  • When he stands upright = Techattack
  • When he have 50% lifepoints. = 2x Skyforce + Dragon Sweep than Skyforce + Dragonexplosion.
  • Now he make only Dragonexplosion. So you should use all of your Monster mit Bonds Attack.
  • Bevor he die he use Dust Eruption. i think 1% his life Points.
  • Then you can use all of your Attacks.

Its too hard but too funny.

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