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She Will Punish Them - Save Game Editor Guide

Written by Crystal   /   Updated: July 14, 2021    

An editor for She Will Punish Them save files.

Guide to Use Save Game Editor


This guide explains how to use a tool for editing save game files for She Will Punish Them.

Make sure you backup your saves before continuing, and keep regular backups as you go to ensure you don't lose anything if you break a save. Save games should be located at:

  • C:\Users\YourName\AppData\LocalLow\L2 Games\She Will Punish Them


The tool can be downloaded from Github here:

It is recommended that you get the latest version and check back occasionally for updates and bug fixes. If your virus scanner detects a virus, it is most likely because the application is not digitally signed. Assuming you downloaded it directly from the page linked above, it is not actually a virus.


The editor allows you to open a save game folder and see all of the files with all of the property names and values. You can edit the values, but be careful what you change. It is easy to break your save by entering values the game does not understand.

You can also edit character presets that you have created the same way you edit save games.

It is strongly recommended that you backup your saves before editing them with this tool. If you break your save and don't have a backup, you are probably going to be sad.

Once you have a backup, feel free to play around with editing different values to see what results you get. You can save your changes at any time, then load the save in the game to see them. You should close the game before making further edits. There is a button to reload the save in the tool if you have modified it from the game.

More Information

  • For more information about SwptSaveEditor, including full source code, check out the project's GitHub page.

Written by Crystal.