She Will Punish Them – How to Restore Your Companions (Cheat Menu)

Get a new companions again. Level them up with Cheat Menu.

Guide to Restore Companions

Your Save Files

  • C:Users’Your user name’AppDataLocalLowL2 GamesShe Will Punish Them

There is a folder(s) in there which looks like ‘Random numbers’. That’s your saved game.

You can change those ‘Random numbers’ to any convenient folder name, for example rename it to “Game 1”.

Your save files with missing companions might look like this:

What you need to do is to add Kira.txt and Arisha.txt and fix Global.txt, which says in it that you have no companions.

Step 1

If you don’t have bold and dead companions after load game already, you might need to restore Global.txt with Save Game Editor or copy replace it from another save folder. If you copy Global.txt from another save your gold and crystals will be at the amount they are in another save.

In Save Game Editor click Add item and the result must look like this:

The names must be exactly “Kira” and “Arisha”

If it’s already like that, don’t do anything.

Step 2

You will still need Kira.txt and Arisha.txt, you can copy those from another saved game.

If you don’t have one, start a new game. Enter Rescue Mission. Use Win Map in Cheat Menu (End+PgUp). Save the game after you will have both companions. You will have them in the new folder. Copy from there.

Or alternatively load the game, you will have bald and dead companions. Reset their appearance and reenter the castle.

Level up them with Cheat Menu’s Add exp to army.

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  1. Well… I have Kira and Arisha txt files. When I open the save files with the editor I have their names but I also have the name Kerila. I have her txt file too. So, idk, everything should be ok, but 1 of my girls is dead af ;d pls help…

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