Muck – Ship Resources for Repair

All resources needed to repair the ship.

List of Ship Resources for Repair

Ship Requirements

  • Two Broken Ladders: 30x Wood
  • Five Holes: 30x Wood
  • Engine: 12x Iron Bar
  • Engine Base: 7x Obamium Bar
  • Rod (Engine): 7x Adamantite Bar
  • Five Cogs (Engine): 25x Iron Bar
  • Ruby (Engine): 14x Ruby
  • Gems (Engine): 5x Gem (Red,Pink,Yellow,Blue,Green)
  • Core: 1x Ancient Core
  • Mast: 20x Dark Oak Wood
  • Sail: 13x Flax Fiber, 5x Rope
  • Eight Supply Crates: 80x Wood, 60x Rock, 30x Wheat, 10x Raw Meat
  • Stairs: 15x Fir Wood
  • Hut: 15x Oak Wood
  • Ship’s Wheel: 8x Dark Oak Wood
  • Gold Pipes: 10x Gold Bar

Ship Requirements (Compact)

  • 140x Wood
  • 15x Fir Wood
  • 15x Oak Wood
  • 28x Dark Oak Wood

  • 60x Rock
  • 37x Iron Bar
  • 10x Gold Bar
  • 7x Adamantite Bar
  • 7x Obamium Bar
  • 14x Ruby

  • 5x Gem (Red,Pink,Yellow,Blue,Green)
  • 1x Ancient Core (Get from killing bosses)

  • 13x Flax Fiber (13 Flax flowers)
  • 5x Rope (30 Wood, 30 Wheat)
  • 30x Wheat
  • 10x Raw Meat