Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – All Bonus Objectives

A quick list of what you get the Bonus Objective HQ Tokens for.

List of All Bonus Objectives (For All Missions)


This is a brief guide to what you need to do to earn the Bonus HQ Tokens for each mission of the Age of Crimson Dawn campaign.

Warning! All content is potential spoilers.

Age of Crimson Dawn

There are three types of missions for the Bonus HQ Tokens:

  • No Bonus (not all missions give bonus tokens).
  • Guaranteed Bonus (The bonus tokens are linked to an objective that Must be completed).
  • Scalable Bonus (The tokens are linked to an objective that can be failed or only partially completed).

Mission 1 – Initiation

  • No Bonus

Mission 2 – Venomous Corruption

  • Harvest the geneseeds

Mission 3 – Rearm & Resupply

  • Secure the munitions depot

Mission 4 – Reclamation Zone

  • Kill the Tyrranofex

Mission 5 – Breach In The Heavenwall

  • No Bonus

Mission 6 – Astropathic Relay

  • No Bonus

Mission 7 – Place Of Challenge

  • Kill the Exocrines

Mission 8 – Mortis Radzone

  • Harvest the geneseed

Mission 9 – Gallian’s Staff

  • Secure the staff

Mission 10 – Landing Pad

  • Surviving Battle Sisters (Scalable)

Mission 11 – Sister Verity

  • Surviving Battle Sisters (Scalable)

Mission 12 – Gates of Kemrender

  • No Bonus

Mission 13 – Genestealer Broods

  • Destroy infestation nodes

Mission 14 – The Salt Exchange

  • Kill Tervigon

Mission 15 – The Battle For Angel’s Fall

  • Surviving Sisters (Scalable)

Mission 16 – Wind River Blockade

  • Sacrifice Death Company (Scalable)

Mission 17 – Angel’s Leap

  • Quindar scrys from the peak

Mission 18 – The Ghost Lands

  • Open gates

Mission 19 – Brother Quindar

  • Survive horde timer

Mission 20 – The Tyrant Of Baal

  • No Bonus
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