Death’s Door – 100% Achievement Guide

100% Achievement Guide

Crow Gamer

Beat the game

Unmissable – Story related

Academy of Umbrellas

Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon

Self explanatory, won’t be easy as the umbrella is rather weak. Focus on upgrading your magic abilities.

Go left of the Hall of Doors office area and go up the staircase to the left. The umbrella will be leaning up against a light pole.

Conga Line

Have a gang of 10+ forest spirits follow you

Very first section of the game – The Grove of Spirits. Walk close around the small green Forest Spirits so they start following you. Take them up to the gate to the first boss. After the boss fight, round up rest of the new spirits and bring them to the gate as the first ones will be waiting there.

Baul Plart, Hall Cop

Trigger the metal detector without detecting a threat

After some game progression (around entering the Ceramic Manor), you should be able to see a Forest Spirit on one of the benches in The Hall of Doors (sitting right next to Vaga, or not). Just make him follow you and go all the way to the bottom of the map (where you first start the game). Pass right through the scanner and the achievement should pop.

Plot Head

Access Pothead’s secret garden

On the left side of the Estate of the Urn Witch, you should come up to a chess-like board puzzle full of urns. You need to break 5 pots in the correct order to reveal the entrance to the secret garden. When the entrance opens, just follow it to the other side. Collect the Rusty Garden Trowel too for another achievement (also to kickstart this one if it doesn’t automatically unlock).

If you mess up the pots, just break 5 pots to reset them.

Hot Pot

Set Grandma’s pot on fire

During the 2nd phase of the boss fight, Grandma will shove herself into the pot and hop around trying to crush you. After she falls over and starts shooting projectils in a circle, just throw a fire attack at the lid of the pot to set her on fire. This will also stun her.

Meal for a King

Feed the Frog King an explosive treat

Obtainable during the 2nd phase of the Frog King boss battle. When the Frog King jumps off the arena into the water, he will tilt the arena up in the air.

When he starts sucking air, just throw a bomb into his mouth using the Bomb Spell.


Upgrade the fire ability

Can be upgraded in the building between the Estate of the Urn Witch and the Lost Cemetery where the bird cage elevator is located.

Exit the elevator room and go down to the other exit guarded by the 2 flaming guardians. Use the Flame Attack on the cobweb covered doorway. Go through it and then enter the mini boss doorway. After beating the mini boss, you’ll get the upgrade.

Demo Crow

Upgrade the bomb ability

Can be upgraded in the Lost Cemetery.

Entrance is located on the eastern side of the map, after the sign pointing towards Overgrown Ruins, below the long bridge.

Blow up the semi-hidden entrance, enter the mini boss arena, defeat him and receive the upgrade.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow

Upgrade the hookshot ability

Can be upgraded in the interim area between the Stranded Sailor and the Lost Cemetery.

Enter the cave (interim area) and then, using the hookshot, reach the small island to pull the lever. Hookshot back across and enter the now opened gate with the 2 green guardians. Defeat the mini boss to unlock the upgrade.

Hawk Eye

Upgrade the arrow ability

Can be upgraded in the Lost Cemetery and requires all of the 3 other abilities/spells to reach the area (Flame, Bomb and Hookshot spell).

Entrance is next to the The Hall of Doors doorway to the Lost Cemetery, in the tower to the left.

After a sizeable number of enemies and some honest brazier lighting, you should finally enter the mini boss arena. After a not so easy fight, you should finally receive the Bow Upgrade!


Max out any of the 4 stats

The 4 stats are: Strength, Dexterity, Haste, Magic.

There are 5 upgrades for each stat. Just buy all 5 for a single stat to earn the achievement. The big crow in front of the vault in the office area of The Hall of Doors is the one you seek for purchasing upgrades. Each level is more expensive (400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500).

Big Spender

Purchase 12 stat upgrades

Self-explanatory. Just buy any 12 stat upgrades to get the achievement.

Clever Too Much

Gain a devoted fan

Earned over two areas.

First, you need to complete the Mushroom Dungeon in order to unlock the Bomb Spell ability.

After that, go back to the beginning of the Mushroom Dungeon. Find the Grunt locked in a cell behind a breakable wall. Use the newly acquired Bomb Spell to blow up the wall to free him and speak to him.

The final part takes place in The Stranded Sailor.

Grunt will be standing right next to the Hall of Doors doorway in the Stranded Sailor. All you have to do is talk to him again and the achievement will pop during the conversation.

Squid Soup?

Accept Jefferson’s Soup

Earned in The Stranded Sailor.

Enter the big ship establishment, speak to Jefferson, choose “Yes” and enjoy the squid soup while Jefferson gives you hints about undiscovered Shrines.

Banging Tune

Listen to Barb’s magnum opus

You’ll meet Barb later. She will follow you to the Castle Lockstone and to the Camp of Free Crows. After you defeat the 3rd Giant, head back to the Stranded Sailor and speak to her. Choose “Yes” when she asks if you’re interested in hearing her song. The achievement will unlock when she finishes.

Weapon Master

Collect all weapons

Ultimately, there’s 5 weapons in the game, including the starter red sword, meaning you only need to find 4 more.

1. Reaper’s Sword

  • Default starter weapon

2. Discarded Umbrella

  • Can be found in The Hall of Doors. If you did the “Academy of Umbrellas” achievement, you already have it.

Go left of the Hall of Doors office area and go up the staircase to the left. The umbrella will be leaning up against a light pole.

3. Rogue Daggers

  • Can be found in the Estate of the Urn Witch.

Turn right just after you come across a purple vase, green vase and purple vase in a line. Beat the mini boss and drop down from the right side where the gate just opened. Continue onwards, after a wave attack, just climb the ladder and find the daggers by the gate.

4. Thunder Hammer

  • Can be found in the Mushroom Dungeon.

5. Reaper’s Great Sword

  • Can be found in the Stranded Sailor.

This one requires hitting 4 switches hidden around the Stranded Sailor before being able to acquire it.

  • Switch 1 – The first switch can be found behind a wall that you can blow up by using the Bomb Spell ability. It’s right under the stairs behind Jefferson’s boat.

  • Switch 2 – From switch 1, take the stairs up. Use the Bomb ability on the wall opposite of the big stone head.

  • Switch 3 – From Switch 2, go back down the wooden stairs, go left across a wooden bridge. The next switch room is right on the first wall after exiting the bridge.

  • Switch 4 – From Switch 3, go back across the wooden stair case and then go all the way up the stone stairway and behind the tower building after destroying the ice crystals. Throw a bomb right below the gargoyle to reveal the switch room.

  • Reaper’s Great Sword – From the Hall of Doors doorway, go across the wooden bridge then take the bridge on the left. Use the Hookshot to get across. If you have used all 4 switches, you’ll be able to unlock the gate and grab the weapon.

Tutorial for all weapons:

Ooh Shiny!

Collect all shiny things

Total of 24 shiny things to be collected across different levels. You won’t be able to collect them all until you have all of the magic abilities. Also, some require beating the game to collect them.

  • Old Engagement Ring – Ceramic Mansion.
  • Old Compass – Lost Cemetery.
  • Incense – Lost Cemetery.
  • Undying Blossom – Lost Cemetery.
  • Old Photograph – Ceramic Manor, has the solution to the secret garden puzzle.
  • Sludge-Filled Urn – Estate of the Urn Witch.
  • Token of Death – In the cave that connects the Lost Cemetery to the Stranded Sailor.
  • Rusty Garden Trowel – in Pothead’s secret garden in the Estate of the Urn Witch. See “Plot Head” achievement.
  • Captain’s Log – in the Stranded Sailor.
  • Giant Arrowhead – Found after defeating the Frog King. Up the ladder in the back of his area.
  • Malformed Seed – in the Overgrown Ruins on a platform that requires the hookshot.
  • Corrupted Antler – in the Mushroom Dungeon. You will need the green key.
  • Magical Forest Horn – in the northwest section of the Overgrown Ruins near the camp. Actually needed to complete a quest.
  • Ancient Crown – in Castle Lockstone, found by dropping into a tunnel in the north courtyard.
  • Grunt’s Old Mask – check the “Clever Too Much” achievement. The Old Mask will be right next to the Grunt after the final part.
  • Ancient Door Scale Model – in the Hall of Doors to the southwest, after you have the fire ability.
  • Modern Door Scale Model – in the Hall of Doors and you will need the Hookshot to reach it. You should see some light poles on floating islands.
  • Rusty Belltower Key – dropped by the final boss in the center of the Hall of Doors where you fought him.
  • Surveillance Device – Found in the Hall of Doors. Needs the bomb ability to destroy the wall to reach it.
  • Shiny Medallion – Found in the Camp of the Free Crows.
  • Ink-Covered Teddy Bear – in the Stranded Sailor to the southeast, needs Hookshot.
  • Death’s Contract – in Castle Lockstone after lighting the brazier to the east. After falling through a trap door and landing in an area with some fallen doors in the top corner. Just go behind those fallen doors.
  • Makeshift Soul Key – in the Grove of Spirits and needs the Hookshot. In the southeast corner of the map.
  • Mysterious Locket – Take the door to Betty’s arena and exit south at night. Go around the building to rotate the camera. Follow the stairs up and stand on the moon shaped platform to unlock the door.


Find all shrines

Total of 16 shrines to find in the game. A shrine gives a shard for upgrading either your Health/Vitality or your Magic. Needs 4 shards to upgrade a slot.

List of shrines in areas:

  • The Lost Cemetery – 3
  • Estate of the Urn Witch – 2
  • Ceramic Manor – 1
  • Inner Furnace – 1
  • Overgrown Ruins – 3
  • Mushroom Dungeon – 1
  • Flooded Fortress – 1
  • Old Watch Towers – 1
  • Stranded Sailor – 2
  • Castle Lockstone – 1

Reap what you sow

All seeds collected and planted

Total of 50 Life Seeds to collect and plant. Smash every crate you see because some of the seeds are hidden in them. If you’ve got only a few left and can’t find them, go to Pothead’s Secret Garden at night and speak to him. He will hint at what areas still have empty pots.

  • 1. Doors where you have left items, seeds, pots, etc. will glow with a red hue. (This only occurs after beating the final boss).
  • 2. If you have the Shiny Thing “Rusty Garden Trowel”, you can open your inventory in the respective region to see if it glows blue. If it does, that means there is a seed in your location. Most of the seeds and pots are easy to find.

*Please note that it must be night for the “Rusty Garden Trowel” to glow blue. (Can only be done by ringing the bell after beating the final boss).

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 1: Lost Cemetery

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 2: Overgrown Ruins & Mushroom Dungeon

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 3: Flooded Fortress

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 4: The Stranded Sailor & Castle Lockstone

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 5: Camp of The Free Crows & The Old Watchtowers

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 6: Ceramic Manor & Inner Furnace

All Life Seed & Pot Locations Part 7: Estate of The Urn Witch

A Stroll with Jefferson

Take a midnight stroll with Jefferson

Can’t be completed until after you’ve beaten the game.

After beating the Final Boss, pick up the key he drops. Once you have it, go to the Lost Cemetery and head all the way up to the cathedral/tower, next to where the Old Crow was (and the Death’s Door). Unlock the closed gate and climb up the tower to ring the bell.

After turning to Night Time, go back to the Stranded Sailor. Go down towards the dock and use the Hookshot to reach platform where you will have to fight a knight. After defeating him, climb the ladder and pick up the teddy bear.

Bring the teddy bear to the boat establishment where you tried Jefferson’s soup. Interact with Jefferson and he will jump on your back and thus unlocking the achievement.

In Caw-Hoots

Meet with 3 owls

Only doable after completing the game. See “A True Ending” below for info.

A True Ending


Available only after having beaten the game. In order to unlock the true ending, you will have to collect 7 tablets in order to progress through to the true ending.

After beating the Final Boss, pick up the key he drops. Once you have it, go to the Lost Cemetery and head all the way up to the cathedral/tower, next to where the Old Crow was (and the Death’s Door). Unlock the closed gate and climb up the tower to ring the bell and turn into Night Time. It must stay night time for all of the below objectives.

1st Tablet

At night in the Lost Cemetery, there will be spirits floating around. You need to get them to follow you to the statues of the Lords of Doors. Statues are quite close to the location of the spirits actually. The statues will have glowing key holes in the their heads when a spirit follows you to them. There’s a total of 7 statues in the Lost Cemetery and after completing them, there will be a door that opens while revealing a tablet.

2nd Tablet

The next tablet will be in 3 pieces. You need to meet with the 3 owls and interact with them. Each one will give you a piece. They can be found in the following locations.

  • Estate of the Urn Witch
  • Overgrown Ruins
  • The Old Watch Towers

Owl One – Estate of the Urn Witch: Head to the Witch’s Manor at night, and you’ll find an Owl that’s located on a bridge outside, not too far west from the entrance of the manor.

Owl Two – Overgrown Ruins: Head to the abandoned forest settlement in the Overgrown Ruins, and you’ll find an Owl above the settlement and will be rewarded with your second tablet fragment.

Owl Three – The Old Watchtowers: Travel past the icy path that features the lasers that target you in The Old Watchtowers region. At the end of the icy path, you will find your third and final Owl by a lever.

3rd Tablet

Enter the door in Pothead’s secret garden by collecting and planting all 50 seeds. Check “Reap what you sow” achievement.

4th Tablet

In the Overgrown Ruins, a treasure chest will give you a tablet for beating a combat section. From the Hall of Doors doorway, head south past the gondola area. Interact with the chest and beat the enemies.

5th Tablet

You need to guide Jefferson to the Flooded Fortress (requires the Teddy Bear shiny thing). When you reach the Flooded Fortress, you’ll see a glowing trail of platforms. Follow the glowing trail all the way to the shrine, pray at the shrine and receive the 5th Tablet.

6th Tablet

Light all 6 braziers in The Old Watchtowers to unlock a door with a tablet. Once you’ve lit all torch braziers, a large door will unlock in the northeast area. Inside , you’ll find your sixth tablet.

7th Tablet

After collecting the Mysterious Locket, fight the grave digger in the Lost Cemetery to receive the final tablet.

Final Part

Go to the Camp of the Free Crows and place all of the tablets on the wall at the end of the area. A secret path will be revealed, and the secret true ending will be unlocked.

Lord of Chores

100% Complete the game

Gotta do everything in the game basically. Some things can only be done after you beat the game.

While in the Hall of Doors after beating the game, notice that the level doors are glowing. If they are glowing, it means the level is incomplete. If a door isn’t glowing, then that level is fully done. You can check your percentage by looking at your save file in-game.

Following needs to be completed:

  • All of the 50 seeds need to be found and planted.
  • Pray at all 16 shrines.
  • All 24 shiny things collected.
  • All magic abilities upgraded.
  • Collect all 5 melee weapons.
  • After collecting all shiny things, go to the Grave Digger and defeat him.
  • Find all 3 owls. Needed for “A True Ending” achievement.
  • Collect all 7 tablets after beating the game. Needed for “A True Ending” achievement.


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