Fallout 76 – How to Get X-01 Prototype Power Armor

This guide will tell you how to acquire the Enclave X-01 Prototype power armor schematics.

How to Get X-01 Prototype Power Armor

First get to the white spring bunker after you have completed all enclave quests.

After that head inside the bunker and proceed left to the elevators (choose the right one).

After that head left again into the military wing.

Once in the military wing, proceed through the command section.

Now go right through command to the armory section.

(FYI you wil need to complete all Enclave quests to access the command section). Now once inside go to the back of the armory where the red terminals are.

Select the bottom option.

Select this and you should now be able to craft all pieces of the X-01 Prototype power armor! (FYI this wont be a physical plan in your inventory just head to your power armor station with an empty power armor chassis and put your armor on the chassis!)

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