Fallout 76 – Pre-Built Houses You Can Build Inside Of

These are 3 houses in Appalachia that you can place your C.A.M.P. in, and build inside of. Most houses in Fallout 76 are in towns/cities and it doesn’t let you build in them, because they’re within the vicinity of a town. But these houses aren’t marked on the map, so you’re able to take them over as your own. Also you can build on top of the house and make a tower, build your own house in the yard next to the pre-built house, whatever you want.

And these houses have lots of junk/supplies in them, so you’ll have a huge supply of scrap everyday.

House #1

This house is directly to the east of Charleston Fire Department. It’s a blue house with working doors, and it’s pretty clean inside.

  • Map Location: exactly where my player cursor is at.

Front View.

Living Room.

An attic you can get up to/build in.

Kitchen and Bathroom.

House #2

Alright now house #2. This one is my personal favorite. It’s in a great location on the map, in a very central spot near Morgantown. The house is a 2 story house with very interesting interior. There’s cat bowls laying around everywhere, and even a painting of a cat, and mounted cat heads. It’s the house of a crazy cat lady. The cat bowls give you a huge supply of plastic you can collect everyday. This house also has an excellent front and back yard, lots of open space for building.

  • Map Location: exactly where my camp icon is.

Front View.

A big barn on the property: (that you can go in to).

Front Entrance.

Inside View.

Showing that you can place stuff in it.

House #3

House #3 is pretty close-by to house #2. It’s right by the “Seneca Rocks Visitor Center”. And it is house #3 because this location actually has 3 houses right next to each other. 3 cabins. And you’re able to build in all of them. There is however some radroaches around, so you’ll need to set up turrets right away and then you’ll be good to build.

  • Map Location: exactly where my player cursor is at.

Front View of the cabins.

View of the third cabin.

Interior of one of the cabins.

Interior of the 2nd cabin.

Thank you guys for checking out my guide. I hope it helped you/gave you some ideas. By the way these 3 houses are probably the best ones that you can build in, but I know there’s more. If you walk around the map and find houses that aren’t marked on the map at all, chances are that you can build in them.

Like I said before, you can build inside of them or on top of the roof, in the yard, etc. It’s pretty tricky to place some stuff inside the actual house, because of junk or furniture in the way. So it’s a lot easier to build around the pre-built house. But try whatever you want.

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