Powerslave (Classic Edition) – Secrets Guide

So here I’m going to put together a list of I guess secrets and easter eggs found throughout the game. There are no secret counters in the game or level stats at the end of the level, so it makes it a bit trickier to know what you’re missing. I’m going to update this thing one level at a time, and build it from there on. Enjoy!

Also also, this is on this DOS version specifically and *not* the console versions. Might make one when Nightdive puts the remaster out.

Non-Level Secrets

If you type “Kimberly” you’ll get a message saying “Hi sweetie, I love you”.

Pressing (left alt + c) at the same time will pull you into a third person perspective.

Pressing (left alt + v) brings up the build date of the game.

Level 0 – Training

After falling down in the hole, blowing the barrel up and going to the room with the 2 Anubis zombies, you’ll see 4 portraits on the walls.

In here, the one portrait that’s cracked reveals some M-13 ammo and blood cups.

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