Final Fantasy – Full Official Names List

List of All Official Names


All of these names come from a book titled “Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes”. It was released in Japane in 2012 and in English in 2020. 

The List


  • In the book, Warrior’s name is “Zest” in Japanese and “Setro” in English.

  • Thief’s name in Japanese is written as “Sauber”, while in English it’s Zauver.

  • In Japanese, White Mage’s name is “Floe”. In English it’s “Flora”.

  • Black Mage’s name is “Daewoo” in Japanese. In English it’s “Teol”.

Although the wiki doesn’t say anything about Red Mage and Monk in the article about Memory of Heroes, it does mention them in the article about the Final Fantasy manga released in 1989 titled “Final Fantasy: After the Game”.

  • Red Mage’s name is “Puffy” (this is the Japanese translation).

  • In the manga, Monk’s name is “Fritz” (again the Japanese translation).

Bonus Section

Quick bonus section!

According to this Pixel Remaster, here are the owners of the crystals:

  • Zest/Setro is shown to own the Water Crystal

  • Sauber/Zauver is shown to carry the Air Crystal

  • Floe/Flora carries the Fire Crystal

  • Daewoo/Teol owns the Earth Crystal

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