Idol Manager – How to Use Custom Images in Your Game

In this guide I will explain how to use custom images to create wacky scenarios. And now you can have master chief singing in the field for you.

Guide to Use Custom Images

What to Do

  1. To use your custom portraits in the game, go into your file explorer on Windows.
  2. Head into your local disk drive that contains users
  3. Then select your account folder in users.
  4. If the appdata folder is hidden – unhide it and if not proceed.
  5. Go to LocalLow and look for the idol managers folder which should be in the glitch pitch folder.
  6. Once you are in the idle managers folder go to cache.
  7. Then portraits and start clicking around for your characters in your save games that already started.
  8. Then once you found your specific characters portraits that say stuff like big.png and so on copy and paste your custom image into the folder.
  9. Rename it to big.png and do it for all the others as well so that you get it in all events.
  10. Done.

This is a custom image I made for my save game feel free to use it if you want.

Note: if you change the custom character’s appearance in the game it will reset the character and to fix it. A new folder will appear and just do the same thing as described above.

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