Chernobylite – Final Mission Guide (No Companion Death)

Please note: all credit goes to Rouz Tromperie!

This is a guide that will tell you how to complete the final mission (heist) without having any companions die.

How to Complete the Heist

Pre-Heist Decisions

What decisions need to be made before starting

This will guide you through what decisions need to be made before you start the heist mission. If some of these have already been decided, then you will need to annihilate yourself to change them. Keep in mind there may be a combination that is do-able not like the one I describe below. However, no companion relationship can be “terrible”. Once it reaches that low they leave. So the decisions described below allow you to have all companions with you. One of them will be Bad reputation, but that’s enough for them to go with you and I don’t think it impacts the endings at all. I will mark important decisions that are required/influence decisions directly in the final mission with a IMPORTANT tag/letter in front of it. So lets get started.

  • Destroy the Moscow Eye.
  • Destroy Tarakan’s Notes.
  • Only steal a few bullets from the NAR shipment (Olivier’s preference).
  • Important – Save/Recruit Tarakan.
  • Disarm Tarakan’s Traps at his hideout.
  • Burn/Destroy Tarakan’s Data at his old hideout.
  • Wipe out NAR servers.
  • Important – Spare Professor Semonov at the Kindergarten.
  • Important – Save Mikhail and Recruit Him.
  • Surrender to NAR when you get the plans.
  • Save Mikhail’s friend.
  • Important – At the NAR Base kill Semonov.
  • Do not shoot down the NAR helicopter – Might be able to do this one to bring Mikhails relationship up to neutral, but this will lower Oliver’s to neutral too.
  • Important – Recruit Sashko.
  • Important – Spare the Traitor (Kostya) who got the supplies before you.
  • Use the detonator when Sashko tells you to against the rats.
  • Important – Release Kostya.
  • Important – Do not assist Kostya in his plan to overthrow Matvey.
  • Important – Recruit Olga.
  • Do not blow up the NAR checkpoint for Sashko.
  • Important – Release Glyeb to the Village. Do not keep him in the cell.
  • Do not kill the NAR scientist, only read/gather information.
  • Important – Kidnap Kozlov.
  • Turn off the electricity to set the shadows upon the NAR.
  • Important – Do not kill Kozlov at the end of the interrogation.
  • Talk about your connection to the Black Stalker by revealing you know who he is.
  • Keep working with Olivier after his treason is revealed.
  • Important – Tell Kozlov where to find his nephew (Glyeb).

Decisions To Make During Heist

These are decisions to make during the heist to get past the various checkpoints. Again some choices may work that I didn’t try. However, this is the route that worked for me. This is also assuming you picked the right companions for each job. Sashko and Olivier as Infiltrators. Mikhail as Spy. Tarakan as Technician. And Olga as sniper. These suggestions should be in the order you come across them.

  • Take the Alternate Route to get past the guards at the front gate.
  • Have the Technician overload the gates.
  • Have Olga kill the Sniper at the first gate.
  • Have Tarakhan/Technician disable the power in the tunnels.
  • Use your disguise and pass phrase to get past the enemies in the golden hallway.
  • Agree to the Spy Plan to get past the scientists in the reactor room.
  • Go through the alternate route (vents) at the rigged gate.
  • Use Sashko’s bombs at the door/gate inside the prison room.
  • If you followed the other section, Koslov will distract the guards at the fuse box.

Past this point, everyone should live. You will have a few decisions to make which will impact the ending and what happens to Clone Igor. But as far as I can tell, these are not impacted by the previous decisions in the game.

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