Intravenous – Locations of All Unique Weapons

Are you struggling to find all of the weapons in the game? Are you hunting for achievements? This guide will describe in detail where you can find every weapon, with images.


For every mission with a unique weapon, you must exfiltrate with the weapon in your inventory in order to unlock it.

Once you unlock a weapon, it will only be unlocked for the difficulty you found it on, and every difficulty preceding it. Because of this, I recommend finding all of these weapons on the hardest difficulty, Masochist.


From the in-game description: An older model in the Glock series. This one comes with select-fire and full-auto which is capable of spewing rounds at approximately 1,200 RPM. Close-range bullet-hose. Beware of the recoil.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Druggie Slums”.
  • Continue to your first objective marker.
  • Head into the dark corner on the western wall of the room.
  • The Glock-18C is on the wooden table.


From the in-game description: Chambered in the massive .50 Action Express cartridge, this pistol can be truly called a handcannon.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Apartment Complex”.
  • Complete your mission objective.
  • Leave through the front door of the building and move right while hugging the wall.
  • The desert eagle is in a house to the southeast of the objective.


From the in-game description: A compact variant of the G36 series rifles, produced by Heckler and Koch.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Abandoned Warehouse”.
  • Exit the spawn area.
  • Move south while hugging the western most side of the map, passing the first warehouse.
  • When you hit a corner, move to the east until you can keep going south again.
  • Stop when you reach the second warehouse.
  • Enter the building through the northern door and enter the ventilation shaft hidden in the darkness.
  • The HK G36C is on the table in the armory.


From the in-game description: Mag-fed, semi-auto shotgun. A true close-quarters nightmare.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Repurposed Factory”.
  • Get past the spawn area.
  • Get to the half-wall and hug it while heading west.
  • When you reach the two goons conversing at the front gate, jump the half-wall and continue west until you hit the western perimeter wall.
  • Head south along the western wall until you reach the southern border of the map (You will need to crawl every once in a while to avoid detection from the windows).
  • Stop when you reach the southern most part of the map and head east, past the campfire and the array of crates.
  • The SAIGA-12K is on a table inside the shooting range building to the east.


From the in-game description: Used by law enforcement and military in the United States, the P320 is known for it’s reliability and ergonomics. While suppressed, it’s not as quiet as the MK23 due to the ammo used.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Shopkeeper’s Mansion”.
  • Finish the first objective as you regularly would.
  • After finishing the first objective, head back up into the mansion.
  • The P320 RX SUPP is on a table inside the room closest to the first objective.

Note: You must kick open the door to the room that has the P320 RX SUPP as the door is a keycard door.


From the in-game description: A modern bullet hose, vaguely resembling the MP5 in it’s looks. It’s rate of fire of about 1,150 RPM makes the SCORPION EVO 3 a very compelling close-quarters weapon.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Abandoned Complex”.
  • Head out the window directly in front of the spawn room.
  • Head into the window on the other side of the alleyway.
  • Traverse through the building and leave through the window on the southwestern room.
  • Head directly south.
  • Slightly to the east there will be a small, pitch black, one room building.
  • The SCORPION EVO 3 is on the table inside the house.


From the in-game description: Unique Russian rifle, possessing a 2-shot burst fire mode, which operates at 1,800 rounds per minute. This allows the firer to place two shots with minimal deviation in bullet trajectory with a single trigger pull.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Luxus Incorporated Complex”.
  • Go to the building that contains the objective (For those that haven’t played this mission before, it is all the way to the north).
  • Go into the building through the front entrance, and jump the northern window at the end of the hall.
  • Jump the window of the adjacent building to the east.
  • The AN-94 is on the table.


From the in-game description: The bigger brother of the HK416 chambered in the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. It trades off rate of fire in favor of greater stopping power.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Empathetic’s Restaurant – Ground Floor”.
  • Make your way to the western wall of the building and then enter through the side door.
  • Head through the door that leads to the kitchen, then through the door in the northeast corner of the kitchen.
  • Enter the vent to the east and crawl to the bathrooms.
  • Leave the bathrooms and enter the vent to the south that leads to a small unlit room.
  • Leave the small unlit room and enter the hallway when nobody is around and quickly head north.
  • Once you reach the T-Section in the hallway, move north.
  • Enter the room south of the stairway.
  • The HK417 is on the table next to the suppressed pistol.


From the in-game description: Designed to provide penetrative ability greater than what a kevlar vest can sustain, this sub-machine gun shoots fast, recoils little, and is deadly in experienced hands.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Drug Mob Casino”.
  • Enter the hallway to the east and keep moving to the east until you end up south of the main building.
  • Take out the guard carrying the MP7 who is patrolling south of the main building.


From the in-game description: Features a unique recoil-cancelling system, which greatly reduces felt recoil, allowing more accurate shot placement when firing in bursts, or full auto.

Procurement Instructions:

  • Enter the mission “Epilogue”
  • Avoid the two guards at the front entrance and head east while hugging the south wall
  • When you reach the turn in the alleyway, head north
  • Move east again once you reach the next turn, be mindful of the camera
  • Head inside the building to the north, the door is on the southeastern corner of the building.
  • The AK-107 is in the armory room on the table.

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