Intravenous – How to Obtain Creep Achievement

I decided to write this guide because i had some difficulties doing this achievement, considering the fact that some guides have misleading information that you need to listen to the dialogues of the goons. You don’t. You simply need to listen to one “action” on one specific mission.

Creep Achievement Guide

How to Get an Achievement

Choose the mission “Apartment Complex”. Choose any difficulty, except “Easy” , otherwise you won’t get this achievement.

When the mission starts:

  1. Run left, till you find a pack of parked cars.
  2. Jump through the fence and go left along the road until you will bump into the left-bottom corner of the map.
  3. There you will see the building with the doors that you can’t interact with.
  4. Go straight the hall of this building till you will find the third door.
  5. Listen, what’s going on inside this door
  6. Achievement is done!

How-to in Screenshots

Long story short in screenshots (just follow the laser).

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