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XING: The Land Beyond - Complete Walkthrough

Written by Innocentive   /   Sep 24, 2017    
XING: The Land Beyond - Complete Walkthrough

100% walkthrough of the entire game including all runes and poetry bits! 


The following videos will lead you through the entire game. As far as I can tell:

  • All puzzles are solved
  • All runes are collected
  • All poetry bits listened to

Following these videos will also get you almost all achievements, but I'm still missing two of them, so maybe I'll amend this guide at a later stage.

That being said, please be aware that the following spoils the entire game. If you're considering a buy have a quick look to see what Xing is all about and then go and get it. If you like puzzle adventures with exotic mechanics it's just right for you!

Iztali Point

Nahele Rain

Hyaku Lake

Desert of Naar

The Forest in Zeneth

There are no puzzles to solve here but you can find the remaining two runes to complete your set of runes.

The Steps of Akasha

Written by Innocentive.